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Thread: Ease Cushion / ROHO w/SmartCheck /Aquila SoftTech

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    Ease Cushion / ROHO w/SmartCheck /Aquila SoftTech

    Hey all,

    C-5/6 Quad here, 37 years post, looks like I'm looking at my 3rd Flap, and am currently recovering from a Stage IV Pressure sore on the Ischial. Currently in bed on a WoundVAC. I've had pressure mapped foam cut cushions up until now and over time they seem to compress, and the sore starts returning, putting me back in bed to heal. Started with High Profile ROHOs, and moved to custom cut pressure mapped assisted foam cushions.

    I've been thinking about the EASE Cushion, The Aquila APk2 or SoftTech to assist with my weight shifts. I checked out reviews, scoured the forums, and googled until my eyes bled. After I heal and get back into my chair, I've got to find a better alternative to what I am doing, so I'm reaching out to try and get some straight facts from users of the cushions.

    I've seen some issues with some of these cushions in relation to how much meat is covering the Ischial, I'm 6' 1" 200lbs and not much meat left down there.

    Looking for anyone who has had both positive and negative experiences with any of these cushions, or other suggestions.

    On a side note, has anyone gone as far as just sitting on a pressure mapping system all the time, since that would seem to be the best real time way to see if there are any issues. You'd think someone would whip up an iPad app or something at this point that can visualize the data.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Hawk,

    Sorry to hear of your problems with pressure ulcers. Myself or others in the CC community might be able to point you in a few helpful directions if we can learn a bit more about your history, your mobility and your level of independence. So can you share the following? 1) For how long have you used cut foam cushions? What made you move away from a High Profile ROHO to a cut foam solution? 2) Do you use a power or manual chair? If power, does it have any power seating functions to assist with pressure relief? 3) Do you do independent weight shifts? Or are you looking for powered or mechanical ways to help you with weight shifts?

    I work for ROHO, but I won't sell you on a ROHO solution if it doesn't seem to be the right solution for you. As others on this forum have pointed out, seating is very individualized and what works for one individual does not necessarily work the same for another individual. The trick is to find the right solution specific for you and your needs.

    Good luck!


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    Greetings Hawk, it appears that I nearly match your physical profile although I weigh less than you. I am C5-C6 and nursing what started as a unstageable pressure wound on the ischial. However since my rate of healing is slower than the institutional standard, my insurance has discontinued the Wound-Vac (my skin does not tolerate the dressings so I have to use it on a rotating schedule two days on two days off). KCI charges $180 a day rental fee! Fortunately the wound is healing. The insurance has no problem granting approval for a plastic surgeon to do flap surgery. After talking to the doctor I decided to only do the surgery as a last resort. It is a small wound but the area is composed of scar tissue from a previous flap surgery.

    The Aquila Apk2 is my current cushion. I purchased it in a effort to save my ischial from further damage (I was too late but have had the time to partially evaluate). My initial experience has been outstanding. The alternating air pressure appears to work as well as my Hill-Rom mattress, yet you have more control over the settings.

    As I am sure you are aware the key to success with the Aquila, and for any of these custom cushions, is to have it fitted properly. This cushion is such a specialty item that it is difficult to find anyone with experience fitting one. I spent a lot of time on the telephone with the tech department before placing my order. Mine is designed so there is no pressure at my sensitive right ischial. The company claims it will work with you until fitted correctly.

    I have experienced a visible improvement in the general health of my skin. I have read Aquila hype where users (with pressure wound) claim they continue their normal daily activities and actually heal the wound while using said cushion. I am not brave enough to try this, and would not recommend it. All it would take is for the switch to be mistakenly turned off and you will have done more damage. However, I do use the cushion for my weekly visits to the wound clinic and have seen no evidence of additional harm.

    As for a pressure map. I too would like to have one at home.

    Update: after reading some of the old Aquila reviews I felt I should expand on my comments regarding this cushion. I have not used it long enough to give it an endorsement. I have been using it for approximately 4 months. It was my intention to use it while healing my pressure wound but after my first examination by the wound clinic Dr. I decided it was best to stay off my butt completely. I was only able to use a few days before starting on bed rest. Since then I have been using the cushion once a week averaging 4 hours chair time for each clinic visit. When I get home and out of my chair the sitting area of my buttocks always looks healthy and fresh upon inspection. The excellent condition of my skin after sitting all day is what impressed me from the very first day I used the cushion. With other cushions, ROHOS and JAYS, both cheeks would always look faintly colored and show obvious signs of sitting at the end of the day.

    Update 2: disregard my previous comment on the Ease cushion. I confused it with a totally different cushion so I went ahead and deleted the erroneous comment. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Thanks for the reply, I mistakenly did not have instant notifications set. After a flap surgery 4 years ago I was introduced to the custom made foam cushion, and after their mapping they convinced me that this was a better alternative. I have had several adjustments of the cushion my conclusion is that it maps fine however after several hours of sitting the foam compresses and I bottom out. I’m a C5 –C6 quad, almost 37 years. I have a tilt wheelchair which has five degrees forward tilt and 40?tilt back however because I work in the office I mostly shift my weight by leaning forward which according to the pressure mapping relieved all pressure. I am almost ready to get back to sitting so I’m going to get pressure mapped or a high profile smart check as soon as I can find someone to map one.Does Roho offer pressure mapping?
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    Thanks for the reply, I mistakenly did not have instant notifications set. The vac has healed me beyond my belief! I have goggled wheelchair Cushions until my eyes bleed and after all the conflicting comments I am so confused and can not put out $4300 for a cushion that the company can not provide a representative to properly evaluate my needs. You would think they would have representatives to sell it.
    Thanks and good luck
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    They do have inside sales reps that are helpful. Also I am pretty sure there is a return policy so I would ask them about that too. Do you go to a seating clinic? they have staff whose job is to evaluate your seating needs.

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    Yes they have no return policy of 10% within 30 days, no I don’t have a seating clinic in my area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk View Post
    Yes they have no return policy of 10% within 30 days, no I don’t have a seating clinic in my area.
    Where are you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Where are you?

    Port St. Lucie, Fl 34953
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    Be careful with Aquila. I will post this anywhere I get the opportunity. The owner is an asshole, only cares about money, and their policy traps you. I'm currently in the process of taking the company to court.

    They will make a "custom" ~$5,000 based on a drawing and order form. I was absolutely precise with the drawing. Over the course of 23 days days, I busted open a previous scar that was fine for 2 years and got new sores. The company said to return the cushion, but they'd keep ~$1,000 restocking fee. I said fuck that.

    I pressure mapped the cushion on 2 different systems at two different rehab providers, and the cushion was absolutely terrible. Not even close to "full-time offloading" and "necessary pressure relief" that they market on their webpage. I even notated on the order form that I was EXTREMELY BONY in nice red text. The owner said I should send the cushion back and he "...thinks they should make a new one and make it taller." He also said they've never experienced this issue before. I said I didn't want to risk more injury (I was in the middle of my last semester in college and it took me over 3 months to heal the sores from the Aquila cushion) and if he'd been making cushions for 15 years, why did he not know to make it taller in the first place considering I was very clear on the order form.

    Search around, and you'll see other people have had the same experience and he's said to them that he's "...never experienced the problem before."

    At this point, since I kept the cushion to get objective data showing it didn't do anything close to its marketed claims, I went past the return window, and they have all $5,000 of my money and refuse to return any of it. For people overseas, I've read that they sent the cushion back once, Aquila remade it, then returned it, and the second time it was junk too. But since it was past the 30 day window, now they were stuck with the cushion and Aquila wouldn't refund.

    Buyer beware. Get a Ride Design Custom with the soft top option. That's about as custom as you can get and your ischials will truly be floating.
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