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Thread: Ease Cushion / ROHO w/SmartCheck /Aquila SoftTech

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    15 years post and in hospital with first pressure sore-- Had flap surgery yesterday. Was told the recovery time is six weeks, mostly in bed. I have sat on Varalite Evolution only. Now I must rethink my choice of cushion. When possible will have a butt mapping and trial sit as many cushions as I can.. I too have a meatless ass. Musta been those Noassatalls pills prescribed by my doc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadmanJr View Post
    I found it to be both, the most comfortable and the most uncomfortable, actually painful, cushion I ever sat upon.

    What is the new soft top made out of and how does it work?
    I will agree with you about the Ride being uncomfortable. I have a lot of nerve pain, so at first it was actually painful. But at the end of the day, I'd rather not deal with another pressure sore and sit on a little bit less comfortable cushion. After a month or so my body got used to it and I actually prefer the stability it provides.

    The soft top option is just a cover with another layer of spacer foam which makes it quite a bit cushier. It's still a fairly solid product. Have you tried or evaluated the Ride Designs Java? It's quite similar to the custom in theory but very soft. Unfortunately, they don't make them as small as my chair is.

    Quote Originally Posted by QuadmanJr View Post
    Just curious, how long ago and what model Aquila did you purchase?
    Last year. SofTech.

    Quote Originally Posted by QuadmanJr View Post
    I have not finished evaluating my Aquila. As soon as I heal I plan to have the cushion pressure mapped. I want to fine tune it. There are so many variables when it comes to adjusting the settings that a mapping should give me the feedback to find the optimal set up. For anyone not familiar with the cushion's design there are two banks of alternating air cells A and B. On my cushion they are supporting the right and left buttocks respectively. They are composed of air cells and can be adjusted for firmness and cycle time. The cells are tailored for the individuals needs. In my case, after 40 plus years in a wheelchair I am developing curvature in my spine. It twists my pelvis causing excessive downward pressure on my right ischial. The area is easily damaged. This is the fourth time I have had a pressure wound at this location (almost healed!). To prevent pressure the cushion was built void of an air cell at this location. Of course, for this to work successfully the pressure and cycling settings must be correct.

    When my cushion arrived the settings on the controller were completely wrong. After shelling out nearly $5000 I assumed they were already preset and tailored for my needs. I tested it for an hour but was disheartened when it resulted in a red butt. I contacted the company. The owner was the most knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend asking for him to start with. For me, it turns out that the pressure in the air cells has to be high enough for support and to keep the skin pressure free, additionally the cycle time has to be long enough for the circulation to recover. With the correct settings, pressure 4 and alternating cycles every 1.5 minutes, my skin was healthy after a full day.
    Here's the thing about Aquila, and I've said it before. It may work very well for some people, and I don't discount that. Do you have significant muscle mass on your butt? When you're skin and bones like me, and every time I sit basically ALL the pressure is concentrated on my ITs (seriously, pressure mapping me looks like two dots) I don't see how shifting the air is going to do anything. Take a look at my Aquila pressure mapping images above of the cushion off, and with A and B bladders inflated.

    The whole experience left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. The cushion is not custom enough, if they truly wanted to make a custom super-tailored cushion, they should mold your butt like Ride. For $5,000, I think that's expected. Not a cushion that's made willy-nilly, which is exactly what my SofTech was. After my butt was completely wrecked, the owner said "I think we should start over and make the cushion taller." Oh, really? So everything I put on the order form informing you of my body and its extremely bony status wasn't enough? I had absolutely no desire to attempt to try another one that may injure me even further, considering it took me getting new sores for the owner of the company, who's been building these for 15 years, to realize he designed the cushion incorrectly.

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    Ride Designs has a soft top now? I went through them years ago, and it was a nightmare for me. I'm Spina Bifida, so sit differently. The well they made by pushing me hard into the mold was SO deep, it was like sitting in a hole in sand or something. Made my legs splay out, my back hurt, and I couldn't even propel properly. They cut it up, tried to fix it, then made a new one, though I had to sign not to return with problems with this one heh. It wasn't much better, and obviously just isn't right for me I guess, with the well being that deep. Which is too bad, cuz I have a permanent ishchial tunnel that I have to watch. I heard Starmark has a cushion that you can pinch the air cells and make custom.

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    Has anyone else tried the Ride designs custom cushion with the soft top option, if so what is your opinion, does it make it noticeably more comfortable?

    Also anyone who has tried the Ride designs Java cushion, what is your opinion on that?



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    Are you still using the Aquila? Did you ever get one and use it long term? I have 3 of them, but don't believe they were ordered correctly by the vendor. My flap on the left ischium just recently opened after 5 years. I don't know how much of that can be attributed to the cushion, until I see my surgeon in 2 weeks. I had a bad experience with a ride cushion, and aquila has been good. Don't know if my breakdown is all about the cushion. I'm having my other side flapped in two weeks (5 year battle) and will need a new cushion. Thoughts from your experience? I'm 22 years out and have never had a butt issue or even one night in the hospital for 17 years. I never thought I would be someone with a flap, let alone 2. It's been very traumatic and devastating. Do you have bilateral ischial flaps?

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