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Thread: Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66.

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    Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66.

    March 24, 2015, Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66. Mr. Gary Shandling played a small role in this film Love Affair (1994). His part is in the middle of the trailer.


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    First saw Garry Shandling on an airline video circa 1984! He was a funny man, even then.

    A comment he allegedly made to his good friend and colleague Jerry Seinfeld:
    “What I want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count, and at ‘five’ just wave it off and say, ‘He’s not getting up,'”

    RIP Mr. Shandling

    All the best,

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    What a young! I saw him a couple of times in comedy clubs in So Cal. Always enjoyed his humor. RIP.


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    This was a really funny guy. We will miss him.

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    I'm sorry to say this now that he's passed, but I never really found him to be that funny?
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