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    The Best Men

    Great movie about the start of wheelchair sports in England during WWII. If you are paralyzed, you need to watch this. The Stoke-Mandeville Games were the very beginning of wheelchair sports. The German physiatrist treating British veterans reminded me of Dr Heiner Sells at IRM during my rehab in 1970.

    I started wheelchair sports in 1971 playing wheelchair basketball in Queens, NY for the Bulova Watchmakers, our coach Ben Lipton. My friend, double above knee amputee Fred Francis got me involved. He was a great natural athlete and drove a big Ford station wagon. He would enter from the rear window, toss his body into the rear of the wagon then pull his 55 lb E&J wheelchair into the rear. He would vault above the middle seats into the driver seat. Later, my wife and I played for the Laurinburg Knights of St Andrews College in Laurinberg, NC. After relocating to Mi we played for the Flint Flyers. We then started wheelchair road racing in 1983 and continued to 1995.When we stopped competing in race chairs We continued for a decade recreationally with handcycles. In our 70's now we are thankful we have a powerful history of physical activity.

    Although we are all gimps in truth we are Olympic class athletes as we function so far above our limitations.
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