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Thread: Speedy Lift, XL-Seat, Ford Transit Connect Wagon compability (or HI-LIFT)

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    Mazda5 drivers - how do you arrange your legs when driving? I don't have a lot of room, and I'm nervous about my foot hitting the brake (which may have happened today, ugh).
    How tall are you? I don't really have any issue with my push/right angle hand controls and leg clearance. But I'm only 5'9". I could see how taller people would have an issue. For foot placement while driving, I put my right foot just behind and to the left of the accelerator, and left foot just to the right of the hump on the left side, kinda between that and the brake pedal. It would be heavily dependant on a person's spasticity for proper placement I would think.

    For all other mazda5 drivers, help me understand something.... Why the obsession with the XL-board? I'm a quad and I use nothing. And I've seen other taller vans and suv's people transfer into with nothing, but yet the shorter mazda5 people seem to think they need the XL-board. That's just odd to me...

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    So that arm drove me nuts. It made the transfer miserable! It ended up on the shelf on day two. IMHO it would work best for someone who would actually stand up on the way to or from the chair.

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