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    Diaphragm Pacer

    I'm a 38yo c3 quad that was injured in 1994. i was on a vent when first injured for 6 months. I've been vent free 21 years but lately i been in so much pain around my torso i can't stand it. it is all new sensations that started last 2 years and is getting worse. If fees like i can contract muscles at will around my abdomen and rib area. feels like when i breathe with my diaphragm that i and contracting my oblique muscles as well making them work against my breathing. doctors have no clue. been using bypap at night which use to help but lately doesn't seem to. cant sleep. any ideas ? have you heard of this. i'm affaid i might be fighting a loosing battle.. scares me to death. can someone with a diaphragm pacer eat and drink with one?

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    What did pulmonary function tests show? Is it spasticity?

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    I'm wondering about spacticity, can't really tell. if i can't tell or pinpoint the source of the pain a dr isn't going to know. been to 2 dr's, put me on lyrica but the medication bothered me to much. tried neuratin and no luck. It feels like when i breathe in i also squeeze my abdomen muscles at same time making it harder to breathe. idk, wish i could pinpoint what hurts.

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