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    Tens unit...

    I apologize if this post isn't in the right place. My injury is C6 C7 incomplete ,i suffer with chronic hand pain , I just recently saw a new neurological doctor just to ask questions and make sure things were okay , I told him that I borrowed a tens unit and it really seemed to help , I was very disappointed when he told me I shouldn't use one. Has anyone else been advised not to use one?

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    Did he explain why to you?

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    ? oh something to the effect of the brain sending false messages... I wish I could remember exactly how he said it .

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    You could do some research on the internet. Sample search: tens, quadriplegia, nerve pain. Take what you find back to your neuro and have another conversation...or find another neuro.

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    We use TENS units all the time for people with SCI and neuropathic pain. Do you have a pacemaker? Where are you placing the pads? As long as it is not over spinal hardware, it should not be a problem. Agree you might want to see a different physician...either a physiatrist or a pain specialist.

    Moving this to the pain forum.


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    Thank you for the response, I am placing them on the palm of my hand and on the outside of my wrist, and no I do not have a pacemaker or anything like that! And now that I think about it he never asked me where I was placing them.
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