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Thread: Catheter Emergency in Raleigh, North Carolina???

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    Catheter Emergency in Raleigh, North Carolina???

    Good morning!

    I drove down to Raleigh from Baltimore yesterday and realized that I left my bag containing my catheters. Could anyone direct me to where I might be able to buy catheters for the weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina? If so, please email me
    Thanks in advance
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    Go to the nearest medical supply store, usually by medical centers and pharmacies usually have some type

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    Might try Walgreens too. I've gotten them their.

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    If you can only find a few catheters, not enough to get you through the duration of your trip, you can reuse catheters. In the time before Medicare approved coverage for 200 catheters per month for single use, we washed catheters in hot soapy water, rinsed, and air dried on clean paper towels until the next cath. This isn't ideal, but it will work in the short term, hopefully without ending up in a urinary tract infection.

    What size catheter do you need. Maybe one of our members in the Raleigh area have a few extras, and could sell/give a couple to you. Too bad you aren't in the San Francisco bay area. I have about 200 16 Fr red rubber catheters you could have.

    All the best,

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    Thanks everyone! My last resort was to wash the few I had, but being in a hotel environment didn't seem like a good idea for that.
    I found a place called Family Medical Supply or something like that. And they were right around the corner. They required a prescription which I was able to have faxed in and I picked up a handful to get me though. I just arrived home and all is well.
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