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Thread: Shaking - Sudden onset whole body

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    Shaking - Sudden onset whole body

    C3/4 Inc injury... 10.2003 Living and surviving ok, I am ex-wife. He called me this morning with uncontrollable shaking with sudden onset at 10PM last night and it comes and goes. Any ideas?

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    Autonomic reflexive symptom? Infection of bladder?
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    Yes I think is is a Autonomic Dysreflexia symptom. Bladder seems OK. He does have a wound on his leg, but it has been improving. I was thinking maybe blood clot

    I just got a call from life alert and they have dispatched the paramedics and I think they will transport him. The hospital local to him does not understand SCI and will assume he has somehow reinjured his spinal cord... so frustrating. They will want to MRI etc. SCI Nurse, can you help me with the words to explain to them? This happened once before and they did an entire spinal workup on him, with nothing new, it turned out that time to be blood clots in his lung. although he had a filter inserted in the beginning, new pathways have formed, Im assuming. Anyway it is my best guess would appreciate some input from medical personnel. and thanks...
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    Autonomic dysreflexia isn't shaking but he may be having bad chills or he is having bad spasms(clonus). He needs to go to his doctor/ER.
    Does it stop when he changes position?

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    Also, please remember we only check the website periodically(2-3 times a day). hope he is better and they found the cause. Paramedics see all types of patients and can easily describe the symptoms. Hope he is better.

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    last year he had a blood clot in his lungs and his only symptom was severe spasticity. not even shortness of breath. they transported him to er and discovered he had a fever. 103. he's better and they are sending him home. thanks for your help

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