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I don't take the responses here as saying, "I'm better than you." Rather I take them as saying that you have more work to do to own your predilection toward drug use in a more global sense than just this one incident with your doctor for which you are seeking to make amends. To those of us who have responded in a manner that you have found offensive or off base, we see you looking narrowly at your problem as how to patch things up with this doctor, not what we perceive as the broader scope of what well may be a life long pattern of drug use/abuse and how you intend to stop the harmful, recreational use of drugs forever.
I don't agree with most of this as a whole, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion and to interpret my words as they makes sense to you. Please try remember though that your view on a topic (such as recreational drugs), that obviously makes sense in your head and seems to be the right thing for you, is not the only view in town and it's definitely not the only *valid* view in town. My frustration/irritation surfaces when someone has themselves SO convinced that their way is the only way and that it can easily justify the judgements passed and all of the other stuff that comes along with it... in their heads, they feel well within their rights to condemn and then dictate a complete stranger's behavior. For me this goes across the board. Neither the subject matter nor the context have much bearing on the degree to which my mind is blown every time I see, experience or even catch wind of this happening.

I''m not offended by any of these responses. But I am absolutely entitled to feel one way or another about them being valid or off-base. If you see my view as narrow, it's because I'm intentionally keeping the scope reeled in as it pertains to my original intent for posting. If, for example, someone stated that the right course of action was to shave my head, steal my doctor's dog and head for the hills because the dog would be the next best thing to opiates, I'd engage immediately because, in my estimation, it is within the scope I'm trying to maintain. So sure, you can see that as a narrow view if you like, but since i'm seeking a certain "type" (for lack of a better word) of info and blatantly requested the omission of other "types", in terms of obtaining the info seek, the only stance on the depth and breadth of my view that will affect the final outcome is my own.