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Thread: Chia seeds- Help with constipation

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    Chia seeds- Help with constipation

    I haven't seen this tip before so am hoping it might be useful for others here.
    I'm a C5-6 incomplete quad, 45 years post injury. Neurogenic bowel and bladder.
    Fulltime manual wc user since 2006. Chronic bp problems, esp. constipation.
    A friend from Peru noticed my weight gain/bloating over the past year and told me about
    a Peruvian method of using chia seeds for relief from constipation. The daily use method she recommended
    is to add 3 tablespoons of organic chia seeds to @ 80 oz. water in a capped pitcher and shake well
    until the seeds have separated (they clump together otherwise.)
    The seeds quickly form a viscous coating that takes a bit of getting used to,
    so add some fruit juice to your glass of water/chia mix if you don't like it.
    Try to drink this throughout the day, shaking it up before pouring each time to suspend the seeds in the water.
    I've been trying this since January and the results have been fantastic for me
    and for my particular level of bowel malfunction. I buy the bulk organic chia seeds online. They have some added nutritional value as well.
    I'm sure part of the benefit is from drinking all the water, but the gelatinous seeds are apparently great at moving things along in the gut
    and keeping stool from being hard.

    I know that extra fiber isn't good for some SCI chronics, so don't use this method if you should avoid extra fiber.
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    This is a thread you might find helpful:
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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