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Thread: Help with buying a laptop

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    Well, I installed Windows 10 and I noticed a significant startup and shutdown speed. However after I did so, I got a popup message telling me my hard-drive is damaged. I ran a few tests but couldn't find anything wrong, so I clicked the "stop notifications". Today I got a crash screen and I turned it off. After a few minutes, I turned it back on and it booted up. I backed up my files and I'm going to do a system backup tomorrow morning. Hopefully an inexpensive new hard-drive will allow me to continue using this laptop for a while longer. By the way, other than my HDD crashing after installation, I like Windows 10. I'm not sure if I like everything better compared to Windows 7, but it doesn't suck. Unless it caused my HDD crash...

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    I put a new hard-drive and everything is working okay. The startup and shutdown speeds are significantly faster but it still bogs down. I guess it'll do until I decide on a new laptop.

    Weird thing though... since my Windows 10 install, my laptop seems to have better/louder sound.
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    Have been evaluating, recommending computer system since the early 80s. Unless you're looking for something very specific, just Go to Dell.

    You can go to their refurbished and return site and save money there.

    Get your specifications in order and just find the best price. Computer are just a bunch of parts and all computers use the same parts by the same manufacturer.

    Dell just gets lower prices with economies of scale.

    However if you want to go a different route is always a Macintosh.

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    I was mainly wondering about motherboard options. AMD vs Intel, and if Intel, I3 or I5. I need one that will multitask while running voice recognition without bogging down.
    I'm pretty tech savvy but I'm not up on the new processors and their capabilities. Macs are out of my price range.

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    Intel i5 is the sweet spot IMHO. AMD has great value but bogs down with multimedia especially any transcoding. If you don't game the integrated gpu on Intel is fine and anything Skylake generation (aka sixth generation) will be stellar for battery and staying cool. The Dell XPS 13 is my favorite computer lust object now... Way cheaper than a Mac but a damn fine bit of kit.

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    I stay plugged in and keep my current laptop on an overbed table in a tilted position for better vision and cooling. I'll look at the 6th gen i5 and see what's available, thanks.

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    Cheapest and easiest way to speed up your system performance is to install SSD drive and or extra RAM. I have 16 MB but it's been about 5 years since I built a new box.
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    My current laptop RAM is maxed out, but I'm not gonna put out $150-200 for a SSD for this old laptop... maybe the next.

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    Honestly, At the rate computers are multiplying in ability, I think it's ALMOST a waste of money to buy one new. I don't know where you live but around me there are a ton of used laptop shops where I can find a touchscreen Intel i5 for @ 300 bucks. Not to mention the tons of deals on craigslist, especially at the end of the month when some people need money to pay bills. I do, however, live in a College town. I would seriously think about shopping around for a lil bit, if you can. Even a Pawn shop might be a good option. Plus all the used laptop shops and pawn shops . offer at LEAST a 1 month warranty, so you know that you are not buying a lemon. Just a thought. Hope you find what you want.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Also: Check out the site A lot of IT/computer guys use it as their homepage because there are so many great deals on it on a daily/hourly basis. I am sure you can find a GREAT laptop on that site within a week for under 300 bucks.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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