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Thread: Electric Shocks

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    I am on zopiclone for sleep and on a good night I can get 5 to 6 hours. Ihave to take 2 per night.

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    Marinol is available for nausea when alternatives don't work and it coincidentally really helps with paresthesia - including the shock variety for me. Unlike CBD oil it does make one a bit foggy headed (it's THC), but far easier to think through that haze than through the insanity of overwhelming paresthesia or dysesthesia.

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    They are not the same but I wish I had both. In CANADA you can get it directly from the manufacturer. It is all so new nobody even knows how it will work in the long run. So far it is just helping a bit. Instead of big pharma.
    This is an interesting thread.

    My pain specialist suggested it as a last resort. She wrote a specific dose and formula for me.
    I have had to beg like a dog for narcotics and just give up.

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    It is tough to figure out. When using with the CBD oil make sure that there is a ratio of THC/CVD somewhere around the range of 1/3. I don't notice any cognitive effects. It's horrible that we have to be put in a position to educate the physicians and also advocate for medications when were in torture. There needs to be more attention on chronic pain research.

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    I get shock like pain in my right hip were the feeling starts and stops. Lidocaine patch 5 percent works for me. My shock pains when I get them are like every few seconds. Only last a day most the time. Only get them few times a year. Longest 1 lasted a week.

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    I tried a lidocaine IV twice and it did not touch the pain. We all seem to be having the same sorts of issues. I never get a second off. Able to sleep3 to 5 hours and then just give up and try to live my life.
    I have a family that wants me to keep. I just get completely off the tracks if I travel to much.
    I have lived in the same house and felt like I have about 12 volts running through me all the time.

    It has slowly stabalized. I propbably spent two years in bed just going crazy from it. Still get looked weird and mistreated by what is supposed to be my close family lately.

    I see a psychologist to try and help with the mental side.

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    Like Art, I get this occassionally but not enough to necessitate meds for it. One of the lucky ones in that regard! I notice it's more prevalent in season changes. Sometimes when the nurse is changing my foot dressing, I'll get a lot of electric shocks from that.
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    Have you ever tried the lidocaine patch on the trigger point? Was a life saver for me. my shock was like getting hit with 40,000volts from a spark plug. Forget water boarding for info.....just give the the shock from a spark plug they will

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    A cautionary tale: My shocks increased in intensity and location about a year ago. Also, I had new areas of numbness in my neck, top of shoulders, reduction of function in my arms and hands, increased spasms in my legs. After pushing for MRIs, repeatedly telling any doc who would listen it was my spinal cord again, I had cervical MRI. I had bone in my cord with absence of spinal fluid around half of the cord at a level above my original SCI at c-6/7. It has meant I am now a c-5/6, still incomplete somehow. My neurosurgeon did a spinal fusion in January of this year.

    I have new issues in my L spine at 2 and 3, and had MRI of it, too, last month. Surgery is likely as I am incomplete.

    I've been told losing stability in the level above an original injury and repair is not uncommon. My neurosurgeon said it happens and may happen to me again. A couple of weeks after January's op I had increased numbness and spasms again. Another MRI was done showing a blood clot at c-4/5. The decision was made to watch and wait. So far, so good.

    I started life with cerebral palsy. It gets the indirect blame for my spinal instability after my initial SCI in '93. Of my two neurosurgeons, both say the body mechanics of CP have created a perfect storm of deterioration. It is similar to DDD, but is not DDD. My spine will worsen and worsen over time. I face increasing disability, increasing pain. (You have to love an incomplete injury for allowing you to feel mind numbing pain. Ugh.) I'm planning for the remainder of my life in ways I hoped I would not have to choose.

    For anyone who has a change in pain levels (including increased electric shock sensations). in function, in numbness, in spasms, have an MRI. See your neurosurgeon. Don't wait on it. A world of damage can occur with a single bad transfer or tumble.

    Hope you have fewer, less strong shocks soon, Chaz.


    P.S. Edited as I hit underline function somehow without intending to do so.
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    I don't think any electicity beyond normal FULL Function is right. The electricity is due to the damage at the injury site that they must reroute.
    Trying to block will just ease some of the burden we have.
    Stem cells are not really the answer yet.
    Trying to get past this is very long road it seems for many of us.

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