I'm participating in a trial at the advanced platform technology center in Cleveland Ohio. It is similar to the Cleveland FES center.
I am 5 years post injury with a c6 inc sci. I have about 50% sensation everywhere, decent hand function and core for my level and some slight movement in my legs thats not strong enough to be functional.

I had surgery on 3-2-16 for phase 1. I was the first person to have 2 newly designed 8 electrode cuffs attached to my femoral nerve. I have 8 lead wires coming out of each leg. We connected a electrical stimulator to the leads and got good quadricep contractions kicking my legs straight on stim levels as low as .8 MA. Some of the leads work my hip flexors too. Your quadriceps have 4 different muscles and different leads are working different muscles on mine. I currently have the stimulator at home using 1 lead per leg to work my quads. It has 2 exercises programmed into it, 1 for building strength and another for endurance. When I go back next week they are going to combine leads with the right parameters to get a more efficient contraction. We are going to test with this for 3-6 months before we continue to phase 2.

For phase 2 we will remove the external leads coming out of my legs and implant a 16 and 8 channel stimulation device with leads connecting to my standing and core muscles. With an external controller I will have programs to make me stand, step, pedal, sit with good posture and more.

Here is a link to the trial