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    I'm glad they have finally sent to you someone else who may or may not be able to help you. It sounds like it may be a little too late however. Good luck on finding answers and please keep us updated.
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    well, im sorry to be getting more and more crazy with my posts but here it is.

    I got a letter on april the 1st. saying id been referred to an infectious disease dr.

    I called my GP to let them know I have not heard from any infectious disease drs three times over the last six weeks which I was instructed to do in the letter. I will add it to the pictures I want to share.

    I have not heard from them.

    I got a bulls eye type rash a few weeks ago. It evolved into a reticulated rash that moves.
    The swollen areas where the lymph nodes are got very large and at night it is very hard to breath.

    as I said in an earlier reply, this thing has a schedule like a parasite with a mosquito vector, but that kind of parasite hasn't been around here in 90 years.
    wuchereria bancrofti.
    charlseton sc is the only place it has lived endemically. all other cases are people who lived outside the us in endemic area's.

    the other thing most likely is tick vector babesia, which is a protozoa whit a schedule like a mosquito, and can be carried by lyme ticks.
    babesia protozoa can cause lymphadema, and blindness.

    well though as im waiting, I could see larva in my eye. I thought It was my imagination.
    dr saw nothing. my vision getting steadily dimmer over a year. enough so I can no longer drive. new glasses did not fix the vision.

    its a visible worm now in my eye.
    I can feel the adult worms in my skin, and now the reticulated rash shows what look like hook worms americanus, but behave like wuchereria bancrofti.

    hookworms don't cause lymphedema, or elephant leg.
    I have one arm one boob and both legs effected.

    w bancrofti has a long incubation period. so can babesia protozoa. it depends on the persons immune system. necetor Americanus hookworm has a very predictable life cycle, and you have intestinal worms.

    I considered it was dog filaria, however dog filaria does not make microfilaria, and so there would be no night time malaria symptoms, because the life cycle can't continue in a human being, and they don't live in the lymph system like w bancrofti or babesia protozoa.
    w bancrofti is a human only parasite, and so is necator americanus (hook worm, which was endemic here at one time and is still easy to get.)

    necator americanus doesn't need a vector like a tick or a mosquito, so it has no schedule like w bancrofti, or babesia protozoa does.

    it goes into the bare feet from the ground.

    it causes extreme emaciation, no edema or lymphedma. it can cause blindness and all three can cause brain fog and brain damage.

    I know I had no intestinal worms on my last endoscopy's, so again probably not hookworm.

    these are very long worms. you can clearly see an outline of the longer adult female and the specially curved male as they spoon for pairing and mating, or where the track when they move is.

    as they get larger the pain when they move is increased.

    they wake up about 4 in the afternoon and party all night.

    I can tell you. its as crazy as it sounds.

    if it were any other worm, other than human elephant leg disease, wuchereria bancrofti, I would not have the lymphedema and the visible spooning worms in their classic wuchereria bancrofti pose.

    I decided I need to contact my local health department if I want to be treated, so we'll see if my adventures with worms gets even more interesting or not.

    I don't have to call it the mystery plague anymore though.

    id like an opinion though.

    Do you think I should press charges for abandonment and malpractice?

    I could have avoided blindness, permanent lymphatic damage and brain damage had I been listened to. instead It was like someone slapping a fly away. I can't even explain what that was like. I can only explain about filaria worms. the way I was treated is worse than being infested with worms.
    as it is now, the adult worms cannot be removed from the lymph system so the lympedema cannot be reversed.
    manual lymphatic emptying is agony. it feels like you're drowning. it must be done several times a day for the rest of my life to prevent looking like the Michelin man.
    id rather break my back again.

    I have several neighbors with lympedema and mystery plague. some have died. most were diagnosed with menopause except the man. he lost his wife and twenty year old niece two years ago. all of them got tachycardia and were sick for moths with hypochondria or menopause before they suddenly died of heart failure.
    four people have lost their kidneys, and all of those have elephant legs. they all have diabetes though.
    I do not, I get hypoglycemic.

    I learned the plumber who fixed my apartment last year, his wife had to have heart valves replaced. she got a rare bacteria after getting the mystery plague and tachycardia. they had been here last summer to fix a lot of apartments here.

    they treated her with the same medication one would use to kill parasites.
    I did not say anything to any of them about parasites though. its just too crazy.

    when people see me sitting on my step with my dog, they ask why im not around like I used to be, and when they learn im sick or see my swelling they say so and so has that too, or so and so died last year..........

    I haven't seen anyone around here wheeling their giant nuts around in wheel barrows. thats what it was like when wuchereria bancrofti was endemic in south carolina a hundred years ago.
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    Jody do get in touch with DHEC if you have not done so. Give them an overview of your problem and tell them you are concerned about spreading something to others. Hopefully that will get them involved.

    I wonder if the eye worm is just a "floater" that come along with seniorship. Check them out with Google.
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    Call the state health dept your county health dept and everyone else you can think of. I would also be calling your primary Doctor every day multiple times a day till you have been referred to and seen by infectious disease Doctor. Maybe even the CDC. Hell call the news have them do a story on it.
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    well I did call my local health department. the person doesn't really know who to transfer me to.
    the day I tried several times to call, My dr called. her nurse anyway.

    she said that infectious disease didn't accept my case because I don't have a high enough fever.

    she had me go in, so she could issue a fresh referral. she didn't give me one.

    she gave me an order for a special kind for fecal exam to identify the tapeworm larva which began migrating out my butt the day before.
    she thinks im crazy. I get that, but Im pretty sure even a crazy person wouldn't want to tell someone they had maggots coming out their ass.

    she wouldn't touch me, but she didn't believe me.

    her nurse seems to though.

    anyway, I went right over to the hospital, to get the collection kits and instructions, and it turns out, my drs office didn't put the order code number on the form, so I couldn't do anything about getting the test. I was the last patient, so they literally followed me out the door.

    I left a message today about that.

    I think my dr is incompetent to treat me.

    I have tapeworm larva under the skin, in my eyes, and my belly is enormous.

    I have an enormous parasite infection.

    at this point I guess I don't care who knows it.
    I feel smite-ed.

    thanx for listening.
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    If it were here, knowing what you do know and being non treated the way you are, I'd *go* to the public county health hospital immediately and seek help.
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    From what little I know and have been trained-Tapeworms are not considered an "infectious disease" necessarily because not easily transmitted from human to human- you get them from eating meat from infected material/meat. Most common medicine-praziquantel (Biltricide). But there are tests to determine what type of worm/tapeworm. Is you physician a family physicians? They should be able to treat? or if not a gastrointestinal specialist but if he refereed you to an infectious disease doctor- did you call his office? Have you had a colonoscopy from a GI doctor? If so, maybe contact them??? Should have one by age 50!
    My experience was with children who had it. You should also try and figure out how you got it and don't get it again- cook meat thoroughly, and look at care of pets in your household who can commonly have it. If in the places you describe, it sounds like you have had it awhile and I think GI might be a good option.

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    Are you going back to have the dr's office put the code?

    Can you just go to the ER for evaluation?

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    I do have floaters, but marco polo, (thats his name) resides just under white of the eye, and occasionally takes excursions across the globe. not just floating.
    and im not kidding about a grand exodus out my butt. I only have a field microscope, 100 magnification. they are proglottids. which is a segment on the move.

    when I was homeless in 2009, I had a friend who let me leave my cats there for a couple of months. the place was one gigantic litter box. shit everywhere.
    I cleaned it up and tore out carpets and bleached her house.

    fed, flea, treated, all their pets, and spayed three of their cats. by the time I got to south carolina, my pets were so full of tapeworm they were migrating out their asses. I took them to the vet, and they were all treated. one had to be euthanized. they get treated every year for everything, but I never thought to treat myself.

    im not imagining the eye tenant. It doesn't bother me anymore that people think im a nutbag. because you can't imagine what if feels like to have this problem. for that reason I feel its my duty to share this experience.

    its ok. im not even a little offended. this has been crazy and unbelievable.

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    joseand1, I tried. they threw my paperwork away. went back for the test on monday with the codes and they said I need all new order.
    I called yesterday to let my Gp know I needed all new paperwork for that test.

    I prepared two slides of proglottids, and one of sputum. they won't take them. they want their own test done over weeks.

    im taking them with me though anyway when I get that test. maybe someone will be curious.
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