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Thread: For Sale: ZIPP 404?s T/T Racing Handcycle Carbon Wheels 650c - Very Nice

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    For Sale: ZIPP 404?s T/T Racing Handcycle Carbon Wheels 650c - Very Nice

    For Sale: ZIPP 404?s T/T Racing Handcycle Carbon Wheels 650c - Very Nice
    I'm gathering funding for a new handcycle, so I'm putting up a very nice set of Zipp 404 carbon tubular handcycle wheels for sale. The wheels were used for racing only and have very few miles on them. They are very stiff yet very light. All wheels are straight and true without any issues - no cracks or nicks in the carbon. All wheels are also very clean. Rear hubs are excellent gloss black Phil Wood high flange and have standard 1/2" threaded axle. Front hub is top of the line Shimano 9, 10, 11 ready. All the tires are brand new mounted and are included.

    Front (Drive) wheel was clear coated and (the clear coat) it's chipping away at the top when you break. There's no damage to the wheel, you either clear coated again or leave it alone.
    I'm asking $1299 OBO shipped via FedEx ground with tracking to anywhere inside continental U.S. (PayPal is good enough for me)

    I'm also consider any and all reasonable offers on the complete Handcycle with these wheels. (The RX is not for sale)

    gonartec at gmail dot com for questions or pictures

    text only: six one nine seven770seven 80
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    What height person was this chair made for? I am interested, but I am 6'2", so I want to make sure I could fit in it before I think about making an offer.

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    I'm 6'2" 225 and bought it new 2 years ago

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    Those are awesome wheels, I have one on the front of my hand cycle and Corimas on the back.
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    Curt do you want to trade your Corimas for my Zipps?
    send me a pm

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    Am interested too if others don't work out.

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