A team of doctors come to you and offer you a (free) 100% certain surgical cure. A brain transplant into a young healthy body and in one week you will be fully able bodied and from that point on, all pain and other SCI side effects will be gone.
The twist is, the young healthy body is your opposite sex.

Would you accept the offer?

If not please expound, if you like, why not.

I asked my 62 year old morning caregiver and she firmly stated no.
I asked my 66 year old mom and she was unsure.
I asked my 26 year old evening/weekend caregiver and she quickly said yes.
I personally would want one last look at my penis so I could sing "Thanks for the memories" and then get it done.

PS There is no immoral or unethical reasons that the body is available. Pretend it was donated due to some sort of brain death.