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Thread: Anxiety and Insomnia

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    Lemur Wheels, the sleep test went great. I hadn't slept in a bed other than my own for 15 months, and was quite stressed out by the thought of sleeping in the hospital with wires all over my head and face. Once I got there and met my sleep tech and saw the room I was ok. She was super cool and made me feel at ease right away. I had already been training myself that bed means sleep (no iPad, just lay down and go to sleep). I took extra sleep meds and fell asleep right away, slept straight through. I thought I slept great, but had 72 "arousals" where my heart sped up to tell my brain to make me breath. Weirdest thing. I am not even 50 yet and not overweight, same with my husband, we just both have crappy throat anatomy.

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    Also I am doing a slow wean of my meds to see what is actually effective for me and what isn't, under the advice of a psychiatrist. He said the cpap might be all I need (I think I will always need sleep meds, but am curious so I am playing along to see). He also said that if I really do need meds he would put me on Seroquel with no other meds. That is interesting about sugar and simple carbs, my heart races if I eat those things so I try not to, but am not very strict with it. I will take another look at the connection.

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    Interesting. For the past month or so I've been taking melatonin with my bedtime meds. I was skeptical that it would work because it hadn't when I tried it previously. It seems to working now. I fall asleep pretty quick once I turn off the TV. Not sure if the melatonin is helping address some of my anxiety, but I'm not easily put into an anxious state like I was in years past.

    You mention carbs and sugar. About a year or so before my accident I would sit around a campfire in the backyard drinking a couple of beers. When I would go to bed then after the beers I could not fall asleep. It would take between an hour to 2 hours for me to fall asleep. The same thing happened again this past Friday. I had a 7 & 7, using diet 7-Up, just before bed and I was pretty much awake the rest of the night. What is even more strange is that my night time meds include 40 mg of Baclofen. Just thought I'd pass this along.
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