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Thread: What is happening with my shoulders

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    What is happening with my shoulders

    I've slept maybe three hours in the last 48+Hours, last night it felt like my rear deltoids were completely seizing up. All I was doing, was watching TV on my back. it felt like the more I moved them the tighter they got,but the more I sat still the more they would ache and the pain would grow. Really hard to explain. Background: For the last little while I've been sleeping on my side, probably spending too much time on my shoulders, as I'am unable to change my own position. Anyways each night it started to get more and more painful laying on my side and I started to be able to lay on my shoulder less and less. But because of my extremely violent spasms; I can't just stay on my back, asmy legs just fly around all night ragdolling me. So I have these very expensive leg braces that actually flex with the spasmsto keep my legs down and me in a reasonable position somewhat. obviously I can't get them on or off myself, so they stay on too long during the night and cause bedsores. Anyways my sores had healed up enoughafter spending many nights on my side positions, so I was finally able to lay on my back last night which is preferred ( not my preferred sleeping position if I had a different choice ) since I can breathe better, and I feel less trapped; I can actually use the TV remote, and it's less painful; more spasms but there never is a soild choice anymore...

    So last night at around 3:30 AM out of nowhere it feels like my rhomboids on each side start seizing up as I said. I tried moving, I tried staying still; Nothing would help!l it was getting very painful, and extremely annoying, so I took two Hydros; which gave me some relief. Really it was the only option; my mother (who is my caregiver) wanted, and needed sleep! So I had to make it through the night. This morning I tried my side position again, but I couldn't even make it half an hour before it started becoming painful! My shoulder feels like it's not in the joint properly and I'm laying on it pulling The joint unnaturally; which is a common problem for me if I spend too much time on my shoulder (all of this including the seizing has always been, and is much worse in my right shoulder; that entire arm has less function. the shoulder jumps out of the joint easily even with light stretching or rotations! It's like it's barely even held in place; doesn't move the same, not nearly as much R.O.M; can't even pronate the forearms which actually causes a lot of pain in itself, and a lot of functional problems) . So I got what I needed to get done on my side; now I'm in my chair, and both my shoulder blades, particularly rhomboids and scapula area's feel completely seized and tighter than hell, very painful. My mother says she can see the muscles bulging. Luckily I'm going to physiotherapy at 2 PM, but has anyone else dealt with something like this? I've always had painful and tight shoulders but this is next level!!!
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    My massage therapist went at my rhomboids for over an hour with deep massage. Let me tell you a lot of it was very painful, but if you tough it out long enough eventually the pain subsides and the muscles release very effectively. In the end if provided me great relief. There definitely not as tight but I can certainly feel a difference;far from normal, it's as if both rhomboids are building tension until they will seize again. This is obviously very concerning; I have no idea why this happened, and that doesn't seem to be going away easily. I imagine a lot of my time and physiotherapy will be spent doing massages which is disappointing ; I'm trying to address my drop foot foot hopefully before it gets permanent, obviously that would be put on hold.

    Seriously has any other high quadriplegics with generally poor shoulder function had this happen? Where your muscles seize extremely tightly; affecting other muscles around them,and will not release without manual work. Even lower injuries that have a similar situation with other muscles, could be informative if you've identified the cause.i'm worried that it is a side effect of the medicine I'm on now or taken in the past such as antibiotics,maybe even supplement or dietary problems. I do a lot of stuff on my iPad and I can't seem to use it for long because the rhomboid starts tightening up, same thing with my electric wheelchair wheelchair controls with the other arm.hopefully a few more sessions will completely resolve this issue, any more physical limitations and it'll be nothing but TV for me.

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    I've had my neck muscles tighten up, had regular massage which sort of helped but ended up having botox injections, this really loosened it up. Have you looked into botox?

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    I've looked into it for spasticity, but not for this new BS.

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    I could hardly move the left side neck/trap, after Botox it has more movement than the right. Only downside is that it relaxes throat as well and for a few weeks after it I can aspirate fluids into my lungs. I'd suggest looking into it, it gave me a huge boost being able to see to the side again.

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    Interesting, does not sound healthy to be honest; there is always a trade-off isnt there

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    The problem is the Botox isn't able to target one muscle, it impacts on everything in the area it is injected to. I wouldn't be concerned if it into a problematic shoulder as it'll only relax muscles around it. Have you ever had an X-ray to see how much your shoulder has dropped? I get regular chest X-rays thanks to lungs that don't work and my wife was with me, she was looking at the screen and noticed that my shoulder was lower than it should be as it was just on the edge of the chest X-ray. Doctor just nodded and said it was to be expected. I was surprised as we do 4 ROM sessions of 45 minutes each every day. Want to get the arm stimulators for my FES bike but rental deal I have is legs only.

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    I see, thank you for that information. It's troubling man even with the best efforts we can do nothing to keep our body body in a remotely healthiest State against the paralysis Rot; especially after high complete quadriplegia. Every "treatment" they offer us has repercussions that they just don't care to address because hey "they are paralyzed it's not going to get better" Baclofen is a prime example with it hindering recovery and it's potential to increase spinal atrophy. My biggest fear with Botox, is because of something that's not very known shall I say.see afterA muscle becomes paralyzed obviously it atrophies,The axons atrophy and disconnect, The muscles tighten and shorten , But once they stop contracting on a regular basis; slowly the muscles actually lose the ability to contract they become completely lifeless ( spasticity can help prevent this) . The consequences of injecting Botox into the body to further weaken the muscles and contractions are not fully known in paralyzed patients!Frankly I'm not supposed to care about my muscles losing the ability to contract,i'm also not supposed to care about the spinal cord below my injury weathering away, my bones rotting ( i'm not sure what Botox will do in this regard either ) , My bladder shrinking I could go on , But I would very much do. My body is always will be my temple and it breaks my heart to watch it die this way,and I live in constant anxietywatching it go, triggers with every pill I put my body, every catheter anything involved with the gimp life! I'm trying to do everything I can to keep it healthy, full-time job getting all the nutrients, but as I said it's A futile battle look up all the stretching you did and still your soldiers continue to drop, it's infuriating. It really doesn't help not being able to stretch yourself, not being able to cook for yourself, put yourself in exercise equipment etc. because The best attempt would requirestretching every day continuously throughout the day to release our muscles, it would require far more than what any caregiver is going to be able to offer. And paying for the whole team of caregivers throughout the day that may or may not even be willing to put in the effort is extremely expensive over 100 grand a year. I don't know thanks a lot for the information man as I said. obviously the muscles seizing up like that could cause damage , Hopefully enough manual therapy will relieve it

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    The way I look at it is that it is a war, we fight battles and take casualties, can't avoid them if you take on the fight. There are always going to be side effects but you have to balance future risks for living in the now. I hate Baclofen and pre Gabalin about 6 months post accident I stopped all meds, wanted to feel my body free of them, I couldn't remember what it was like pre accident, all I had was post accident and I'd been on them from then. I soon found out, spasms went crazy, hyper sensitivity in my chest hit new levels of craziness after about a week I started re introducing them until I found a balance. I've tried to reduce them at times but need them, about to have another go at baclofen as my FES bike seems to reduce spasms. We'll see if I can win that battle! I've got 24/7 care plus 2nd PA 9 hours a day to get me up and put me to bed so no excuse for not doing ROM, 4 x 45 minutes a day is the norm and my shoulders are still dropping, can't really do more as I still work and do an hour on FES bike everyday and still want time with my wife. Drugs affect my ability to work, sick of being drowsy from them so it is another compromise At least botox doesn't make me sleepy or affect my mental ability.Like you I led an active life pre injury, worked for a mountain bike company, majority of my life spent biking, when I wasn't doing that sports cars and fast motorbikes or gym. Looked after myself, eat reasonably well, no alcohol or drugs and doing ok for my age. I'm a lot older than you and even if a cure was found I'd be way down the waiting list, no insurance compensation for my accident I have to rely upon our NHS and at my age the cost of treatment v's benefit yrs wouldn't stack. They wouldn't fund phrenetic nerve stimulation to get me free of the vent! So I guess I am stuck like this, got to fight to keep my life balanced between enjoying (haha) stuff now and worrying about damage I am doing long term, won't worry too much as when the shit gets too bad I'll push the exit button in Swizerland.

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    I would go to the media about not finding the phrenic nerve thing ... my gawd what was the reasoning???
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