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Thread: easy deploy anti tippers

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    easy deploy anti tippers

    I am purchasing a new chair and am investigating anti tips. On my current chair I have Otto Bock springloaded push-down swing-in/outwards shown here

    which a companion can kick down and deploy without bending. I can with effort reach back and do it with my fingers.

    I would like to get ones that deploy/unploy by swinging up/down without bending for a complanion and reaching so far back for me. Apart from the effort involved, the swing-in/out can't be deployed with my Smartdrive in place.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable product? I can find a lot of stuff on the web that are just pics with no explanation of how they operate. Thanks.

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    taking to the top, hoping for a suggestion ...

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    At the SCIA Expo in Sydney saw the TiLite User-Friendly Anti-Tipper which has a lever that releases the spring loaded hinge for the tube to flip up.

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