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Thread: Bellagio and SureHands ceiling lift

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    Quote Originally Posted by waters3 View Post
    hey we are looking at the bellagio right now and actually have a maintenance guy calling me back with some questions I have with ada rooms. Anthony is a quadriplegic and cannot hold himself up we have never used this type of lift before, the guy said we could use our own sling which I am bringing but this lift you have pictured doesn't look like it is set up to be used with a sling. How is this ceiling lift used? Do you need to have upper body arm/hand control to use this lift?

    I was just going to rent a portable hoyer lift; a lot of companies do that but then all the hotels I want to stay at don't have clearance under the beds!!! This is very frustrating. We are not in a position to just lift him out and into the bed anymore . . .
    I'm a c3c4 quadriplegic. I have a Surehands ceiling lift in my home and have been using Surehands 20 plus years. It's pretty easy to use. Now I don't know if the Ballageo had the pieces needed for a sling. They also had a king size adjustable bed. Glad you found a hotel that will work for you. Have a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    We always spoke to the manager or assistant manager of the hotel/motel, never to just the reservation agent, for the reasons you state.

    Yes but when dealing with large mega resorts it is like trying to get through pit bulls to actually talk to a live person at the property . . . and it seems those are the only places that supply this equipment.
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    When booking a room always ask if this is a call center and or hotel and are they on property.

    If calling a call center and or 3rd party company have them call the hotel direct to confirm your needs. Then call the hotel direct and confirm your needs and do ask for GM.

    We also email at the time we book and ask for the manager to go in and take pictures of the room so we can tell if the room will work for us. The day we arrive we have housekeeping remove extra furniture like end tables, extra chairs etc to give us more room to move around.

    Mirage hotel has a room also with a lift its called the SAC room.

    Vegas has a lot of wheelchair cabs also so very easy to go from hotel to hotel. Just let doorman know you need one and they will have you right by the front of the cab lines.

    Sometimes hotel bass are way to soft so try laying backwards or sideways it can make it more firm not sleeping the same direction everyone else is wearing down the bed.

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