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Thread: The Wroclaw Walk Again Project

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    The Wroclaw Walk Again Project

    "The Wrocław Walk Again project is a continuation of the innovative experimental therapy involving reconstruction of patients severed spinal cords, using their own olfactory glial cells from the olfactory bulb as well as implants from peripheral nerves. The first operation of its kind was performed in 2012..."

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    Seems like some good shit

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    Please see this link, before you make any assessment of my work.

    Dr Pawel Tabakow, leader of the 'Wroclaw Walk Again Project'

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    Thank you for coming here on CareCure Dr Tabakow.

    I would have two questions:

    1 - In the upcoming patients will you remove one olfactory bulb as you have done with Darek Fridyka or you have worked out an easier/less invasive surgery?

    2 - When are you hoping to do the surgery on the first patient?

    Thank you

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    Dear Dr Tabakow what about chronic lumbar injury patients?

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    Good shit means good stuff, all positive vibes from me

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    Good vibes from me too! Best wishes!

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    This is interesting:

    "Functional Repair of Rat Corticospinal Tract Lesions Does Not Require Permanent Survival of an Immunoincompatible Transplant"

    Authors: Li, Ying; Li, Daqing; Raisman, Geoffrey

    ..." This raises the possibility that in the future a protocol of temporary immunoprotection might allow for the use of the larger available numbers of immunoincompatible allografted cells or cell lines, which would avoid the need for removing a patient’s olfactory bulb."


    I hope soon there will be a way to even avoid the need of implanting cells.
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    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    I want to participate in The Wroclaw Walk Again Project, how can i join? Contact me please i'm from Ukraine.

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