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Thread: ZX-1 "crawl mode" issue

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    ZX-1 "crawl mode" issue

    I've been using my ZX1 for over 3 years and had lithium batteries installed last year. The "crawl mode" kicked in when the lithium batteries were installed. (Never had crawl mode before that). I'm finding that I have to be very careful when coming to a small bump/lip in pavement or entry to curb cut. That is, if front casters will not go over it, I stop and using both arms I slightly push down on armrests to tilt backwards while at the same time gently pressing the joystick forward, having front casters go over the bump, no problem.

    However, if that doesn't work I have found the ZX-1 has popped itself into crawl mode while there I sit trying to "detach" and "re-attach" to get out of crawl mode. Since the lithium batteries were installed, when I attach unit to my chair at home I must listen for a sound that tells me I'm attached. In addition, I check that the clamshell is not closed up all the way, but open about 1/8". If it's closed all the way, oops, I'm in crawl mode! This week when in a very busy parking lot to vote, the unit popped into crawl mode and I had a heck of a time getting out of it while cars whizzed by and more than one person stopped to offer a push.

    I'd like to eliminate crawl mode from my controller. I have never consciously used it. Must I get my vendor to program it out of my controller? Is that possible?

    Thanks a lot for any help on this.

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    The proximity switch that activates "crawl" mode just needs to be adjusted back toward the rear of the ZX1. If adjusted correctly it should activate when your rear manual wheels are raised more than 1/8". If you want to remove it and never go into crawl mode again just follow the wires and unplug them.

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    Thanks, Pat!
    For a couple of non-technical or mechanical folks, can you describe in detail where this proximity switch is?

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    Thank you!
    Still lovin' my ZX1.

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    You're welcome and that's good to hear.

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