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Thread: klebsiella bacteria

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    klebsiella bacteria

    I have been battling this bug for 4 months now, My doctor put me on Norfloxacin for 3 weeks and it worked great but the bug klebsiella bacteria came back after 5 days. I have prostatitis which I have had for 3 years now and it does not bother me but for a bit of pain in the rectum after a bowel motion , I cannot afford microcyn to be shipped to Australia it would cost me $90.00 per bottle so it is out of the question.
    I self cath and also void in between caths and this is the first infection problem I have had in over 5 years.
    I am a male post transverse myelitis 38 years and have had all the tests you can name late last year on my bladder and they were all fine exept for 2 small 4mmm kidney stones.
    Could these small stones be to blame? I am on a daily keflex antibiotic until i can get back to my usual uroligist.
    anyone had similair problems, i do not want to be on antibiotics to long as it builds resisitance and
    I have done the cranberry and uroqid thing but both fasied to protect me and
    I am running out of ideas.........................

    P.S. One stupid Uro put me on Cipro for 3 months to try and cure the prostatitis and I blew a rotator cuff tendon not long after so be careful with this drug for long periods.............

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    I was in a similar situation with chronic klebsiella. I did three things that helped:

    (1) Consulted with an infectious disease specialist (after being hospitalized)

    (2) Levaquin, about 4 weeks (I don't quite remember how long), on the recommendation of the infectious disease specialist

    (3) I became obsessive about cleanliness, see my post on UTI techniques.

    In the past three years or so I have had only a few UTIs, and have not had to use antibiotics in about a year-and-a-half.
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    I had that same bug. I was hospitalized 6 times for 5 days each re-occurrence, over two years. However, I do not cath, nor have to. I was put on IV's in the hospital, until they got a successful blood test, then sent home with amoxycillin (I think) anyway an old antibiotic which worked along with an extended period of this course of treatment. (21 days) I have been infection clear for about 2 years now.

    Previous to the last occurrence, I had been to my Urologist, he said I had an infection then. I do not feel them, so until I start to urinate uncontrollably I know nothing. Anyway this Urologist put me on an newer antibiotic that obviously thrived on it, as a week later I was back in the hospital. Sometimes the newer drugs are not always successful. Make them try something different, or extend your course of treatment.

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    Do you have kidney or bladder stones? These could be the cause of continuous infection and Klebsiella can be a "stone former". The treatment for prostatitis recommends 6 to 8 weeks of culture specific antibiotics.

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    I do not know if your comments were for me exactly. But perhaps I should have made you aware, I have my prostate but made dysfunctional by Prostate Cancer treatment. I have been ultra sounded for stones, negative. What "seemed" to work for me was the extended length of treatment. Not forever, but simply extended, from a normal 7 day treatment to 21 days. Those pesky little bugs couldn't hide forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Sullivan View Post
    Not forever, but simply extended, from a normal 7 day treatment to 21 days. Those pesky little bugs couldn't hide forever!
    It is always good practice for anyone with complex urinary tract infections to take much longer courses of antibiotics that the typical 5-7 routines doctors prescribe or the everyday, garden variety infections. Twelve to 14 days on oral antibiotics is typical for any one of us with urinary dysfunction experienced with spinal cord injury. Every course of antibiotics should be followed up 2 days after the course is completed with a urinanalysis (UA) and culture & and sensitivity (C&S) to determine how effective the treatment was. If the bacteria count is still high, the urinary tract infection should be treated again, possibly with another drug.

    All the best,

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    Hi SCI Nurse, Yes I have 2 x 4mm stones in the right kidney but my doctor advised that they were too small to cause any infection. I am seeing a uro in 4 weeks time to discuss my situation, do you think 4mm is too small to cause bacteria?.....................

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    gjnl; I absolutely agree, however, the doctors (plural) previously prescribed the short course. When "I" suggested the longer course, the LAST doctor (hospitalist) agreed. I don't think he would have without the suggestion. In fact he was going to prescribe the short course, I am sure.

    We all expect that every doctor is being aggressive when they prescribe something after something like a hospital stay. It is not entirely bad to ask any question that occurs to your about your particular condition. We should not assume the doctor "knows" what is on your mind. I also suggested they look at my history and prescriptions, I have been treated at the same hospital, for all of these infections there. But the doctors who I see there are never the same each time. So an accurate record is of great importance, in my opinion.

    So I assume nothing, I ask about everything I can think of. What I am suggesting is everybody should do something similar. Today all your orders in the USA are on a computer record, and accessible to just about any doctor anywhere. You just have to make sure they access those records, your life may depend on it.

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    The stones are probably Struvite- which develops and makes stone from infectious material. Kidney stones are not usually treated surgically- typically zapped with laser- until close to 1 cm ( or 10 mm) or are causing obstruction. However, with kidney stones frequently it is more difficult to clear UTI and they seem to keep returning.

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