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Thread: Is it possible to not get infections?

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    SCI-nurse (kld)

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Don't confuse colonization with bacteria with infection. The former is nearly always present in those with indwelling catheters, but does not qualify as an infection in someone with a SCI.

    The American Urological Association defines Colonization: Organisms are present in the urine, but are causing no illness or symptoms (asymptomatic bacteriuria). Depending on the circumstances, significance is variable, and the patient may not need treatment.

    If a urine culture is taken straight from the foley and I have asymptomatic colonization would the culture come back positive or negative?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    It is very true, he is exactly right the body is not designed to have a foreign object in it and there will always be bacteria colonize there, any urologist with knowledge on this Will tell you that. Doesn't necessarily mean you need antibiotics though so for us because we are paralyzed and have no choice but to use foreign objects therefore we have to except that we will be colonized by bacteria in the bladder in our case not necessarily an infection
    Women have silicon breast implants. Do you hear them complain about BIIs (Breast Implant Infections)? Also men and women have stainless steel or titanium hip and knee replacements. Do you hear them say they have an infection?

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Sometimes, but it generally happens soon after surgery has been done. I've been using a foley for 12 years and haven't been treated for an infection. Just lucky?

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    Hey James -

    If you send in a monthly urine sample, it will always come back (for sci w/ cath) with bacteria, etc. You should only treat symptomatic infections. You will feel like crap. Fever. Muscle contraction, pain, spasms.

    You say "apparently I have another infection". If symptomatic - You'll know! LOL and dispute the similar symptoms, it feels worse than flu.

    That is when you sample and test for sensitivity. You are doing the right thing with water intake.

    Good luck bro! Always fun and games!

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    My spasms have increased tenfold, I have to strap my legs down in my chair on any day no matter what because my spasticity in general is bad. But tonight ( probably because of some kind of infection) they are almost continuous I can barely type this, it's like they're trying to break my leg; some are strong enough to cause dysreflexia.Believe me I'm very familiar with when to treat an infection and when not to (wish I knew earlier),I am approaching four years post and I ve had everything from a basic UTI to a very severe kidney infection requiring hospitalization. even with the severe infection that was apparently life-threatening I never felt extremely sick other than very weird temperature regulation and shivers it wasn't till I checked and had a 40+ fever that was not breaking that I knew it was bad. Maybe it's because I get every nutrient the body needs at optimal doses but I don't ever feel extremely flu like.

    The increased spasticity is obviously my problem in terms of symptoms, not to mention increased dysreflexia. A big concern for me is don't want to much inflammation down there it's a sensitive area in general, bladder, penis, and especially scary the testicles not exactly a healthy area post SCI in the best of the situation. But I've taken so many antibiotics, Cipro has a very troubling side effect with potential damage to tendons, anyone that is completely paralyzed has atrophied muscles ( fibrosis is not unheard of their very weak and un healthy ) below their injury muscles and tendons become extremely tight borderline contractors actually we are at very high risk of them so you don't want to be messing with something that can cause tendon rupture; in our situation; specially with no sensation and extreme spasticity. I think we are at great risk, much greater than our able-bodied counterparts when taking Cipro flex in terms of potential tendon tendon problems, which can take place long after stopping the drug.

    I need to get this under control, obviously a lot of people don't run into problems like this as you can see from this thread but I imagine they don't have a very high pressured bladder that we all get checked for after injury, and/ or maybe they respond better to the medication to help that problem. All of our bodies and bladders evidently respond differently after injury many people can hold 1000+ cc in their bladder without even noticing a problem, others would've exploded back into the kidney is at 400 and everything in between it's all different. To my understanding even after starting Vesicare my bladder pressure was abnormally high which is why I've run into so many problems in that area and that medication hasn't done much for me. I'm very interested about this gentamicin treatment for the bladder but it's going to take me a long time to get an appointment with my urologist unfortunately! Truthfully I'm a little concerned what that will do to the bladder lining after sometime, but Obviously adequate nutrition and water isn't going to help my situation with my high bladder pressure.

    PS after you've cleared a bladder infection that was resistant to various oral antibiotics, and a new bladder infection takes its place for whatever reason after the original is long gone does that mean this new infection may not be resistant to the same antibiotics ?

    This is a little fucking ridiculous to keep someone alive like this against their will, getting nonstop infections ER got you taken antibiotics like their skittles, trying to get other drugs injected In them anyway they can. But not be able to get a fucking urologist appointment in a decent time, guess what ER doctors are not equipped to deal with us, all they do is get a urine test back and prescribed prescribe.i'm fucking sweating right now; leg trying to break itself; already dealing with muscle locking in my back this is honestly probably the 50th Time I've been in this exact fucking situation; down to every little detail even posting on here looking for help. Frig, you know what if I wasn't so badly crippled and could actually do things myself, look after myself. I think I actually would be able to believe that this is some contorted form of fighting/mental toughness, because how constantly sick you get,and you got to pick yourself up and work around it. But evidently that's not my case, Gotta sit and expect assistance. But then again most people don't resist drugs like I do ( especially when it's bad enough ) they take the first option for relief they can get not taking into account doctors have no intention of you ever recovering again so they don't care what kind of damage it does, ( there really wouldn't be any studies to review on that subject anyways) And if I actually did have the function to look after myself I can almost guarantee I would never get this sick at least not nearly as often, I probably wouldn't even have as dangerous of a neurogenic bladder with a less severe injury; even if I did I'd be able to constantly manage it throughout the day and night, rather than just twice a day when caregivers/ parents are available/ willing.. Joke
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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Women have silicon breast implants. Do you hear them complain about BIIs (Breast Implant Infections)? Also men and women have stainless steel or titanium hip and knee replacements. Do you hear them say they have an infection?

    Man, don't be ridiculous how are either of those remotely comparable. For one breast implants, knee replacements etc. go inside the body and then it is covered up an indwelling catheter goes inside the body and outside of it leaving a clear path for harmful bacteria into the body . Let's not forget that when comparing SCI patients to able-bodied people we are much more likely to get infections for various reasons because of our disability. Not to mention the urinary tract, bladder etc. are hotspots for infections for anyone that's why they are the most commonkind of infection along with certain STIs. But yes when putting foreign objects in the body , any foreign object There is an increased chance for infection, and for breast implants, the hip replacements can be quite serious I imagine. If you are paralyzed and have an indwelling catheter in you, it is pretty much guaranteed that you were colonized with some kind of bacteria as many have stated on here, doesn't necessarily mean infection that's noticeable or needing medical attention
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