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Thread: Is it possible to not get infections?

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    Is it possible to not get infections?

    I'm a C-5 complete with a 22fr supra pubic catheter ,cand apparently I got another infection so I'm on Macrobid, hopefully it works because antibiotics resistance is the problem after so many infections.dThe culture will come in Thursday. I eat ridiculously healthy, I barely get any sugars no bad sugar I calculate everything from vitamin a to zinc.I get my super greens and other "super food" like turmeric and lemon,eat a raw clove of garlic a day,drink at least 2 L of water a day more like three. And I still got one, I think one of the holes is drinking well I'm sleeping probably go eight hours without any water that's when the bacteria could strike. But if I was able bodied on this diet I practically be glowing! It's been months like this and I'm religious with my routine taste is no longer a factor for me it's all I care about is my nutrient Count. What else can I do for my bladder,skin, urinary tract to prevent this crap, I hate taking antibiotics .

    On another note this is a question for nurse.cantibiotic resistance has been a problem for me.even in acute-care I had to take some of the strongest antibiotics we have.but after the bug is cleared, and sometimes pass for example say Cipro will it become usable again? But just in general if you stay up antibiotics and whatnot will the resistance passor does the body become a or does the body become immune.

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    With an indwelling cath/ you basically always have a bug going dude.. the bladder isn't designed to have a foreign spigit hanging out in it.. your just going through early stage, I know even 3 years, it finally learns to cope w/ some them more buggers residing in there..
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    So an infection will always come up in a urine sample? So not just white blood cells but an actual fair quantity of nitrates too?

    i'm only on my third dose of Macrobid I don't remember taking it before, but is it even going to be effective for my situation it won't be 72 hours until Thursday but that they my temperature has gone up 1? since yesterday

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    The foley cath has been a constant source of problems for me too .. in ER last summer, they didn't even bother to treat a uti because of the foley. I hope the nurse chimes in because my memory is fuzzy ... but not sure if it was alka-seltzer and some other thing people were taking to keep infections away .. it escapes me what it was.

    Oops glad I googled the alka-seltzer first:
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    I guess I am a lucky one, got infection after infection whilst in hospital and care home using IC's, probably poor technique. Switched to SPC and haven't had one since (over 2 yrs now) eat what I want in the way of sugary food and it's a lot of chocolate not much healthy food, only drink cappuccinos and diluted juice with meds, never water, never more than 2 L a day, most days a lot less but that was exactly what I drank before my accident. Nurses go crazy about it but I made it clear right from the point they refused to switch my vent off that if I was forced to stay alive it was on my terms. Only thing we do is new night bag every night, new leg bag every 3 days and SPC changed every 4 weeks. Get some sediment and we flush catheter every week or so if it gets too bad. Probably not what you want to hear but does show that it is just down to luck.

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    The urine culture & sensitivity is what must be done. It not only identifies the organisms but tells what antibiotics will kill it.
    With an indwelling of any kind there is more risk of infection.
    Currently, more urologists are recommending irrigation with Gentamycin 1 to 2 times a day( if organisms is sensitive to it- no pill form). The thought is it cleans the bladder and since not going through GI system, possibly less resistance- and no diarrhea or C. diff.

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    Is that a relatively new technique?

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    Neosporin may be another alternative to use as an irrigant. Here's an article from New Mobility that discusses it.

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    Sounds like Gentamicin instillations will be worth trying for you. Talk to your urologist. Search for the other threads on this. My Dad has been doing it for 1 year and it has worked well.

    My Dad's physiatrist says sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why some people get UTIs but others don't. He admits some of his patients are sloppy and practically cath with a straw and spit in the bathrooms at bars and never get UTIs, while other people may be extremely careful and get them often. So control the variables you can (wash hands, clean technique, fresh cath/lubricant packet every cath, keep cath volumes < 500cc, drink drink drink), get studies done with a good urologist if UTIs pop up (yearly ultrasounds or renal CT scan, urodynamics and cystoscopy when needed) and make sure you are on medications if your bladder is high pressure. Some on this site have had good luck with microcyn etc... But Gentamicin (a true antibiotic) instilled into the bladder (60cc) twice a day can help break a bad cycle of UTIs, without the systemic problems that taking antibiotic pills give you.

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    I am in the same boat as you. I have had countless UTIs in spite of doing everything I'm supposed to. I also use a 22 French suprapubic catheter. Very frustrating. Right there with you! One new thing I have tried the last few months is a silver coated catheter. It is a little more expensive, but it is supposed to help avoid infections. Is it perfect? Of course not. I have had a little more luck with it though. Again, there is no perfect answer, but that has been my latest attempt.

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