I'm a C-5 complete with a 22fr supra pubic catheter ,cand apparently I got another infection so I'm on Macrobid, hopefully it works because antibiotics resistance is the problem after so many infections.dThe culture will come in Thursday. I eat ridiculously healthy, I barely get any sugars no bad sugar I calculate everything from vitamin a to zinc.I get my super greens and other "super food" like turmeric and lemon,eat a raw clove of garlic a day,drink at least 2 L of water a day more like three. And I still got one, I think one of the holes is drinking well I'm sleeping probably go eight hours without any water that's when the bacteria could strike. But if I was able bodied on this diet I practically be glowing! It's been months like this and I'm religious with my routine taste is no longer a factor for me it's all I care about is my nutrient Count. What else can I do for my bladder,skin, urinary tract to prevent this crap, I hate taking antibiotics .

On another note this is a question for nurse.cantibiotic resistance has been a problem for me.even in acute-care I had to take some of the strongest antibiotics we have.but after the bug is cleared, and sometimes pass for example say Cipro will it become usable again? But just in general if you stay up antibiotics and whatnot will the resistance passor does the body become a or does the body become immune.