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Thread: Love is putting a puke bucket on the bed

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    Love is putting a puke bucket on the bed

    I know that's gross and I am sorry but my sweetie just left and one thing she did was put my bucket on the bed. I've been in a real bad way since last Sunday when I compressed my L1 disc. It's pain that has taught me to be humble.

    I haven't been able to do much of anything for myself and my sweetie came by today and washed my bedsheets and helped arrange my refrigerator so I could reach things. The last thing she did was put that bucket back on the bed.

    I haven't used the bucket all week but all week I have been on so much pain killer that I've had some pretty bad nausea so I've had the bucket just in case.

    When I was young I had all sorts of ideas about love and family but my sweetie has been with me for years now and when we started, she didn't know a thing about disability. Last Sunday at the hospital she kept emptying my urinal and washing it out. She didn't sign up for that. For learning about wheelchairs and blood tests and .. the list goes on and some of it's gross. Bathroom stuff isn't in the romantic movies but I'll tell you that it's a pretty loving thing when the person who loves you, before they leave with a smile, puts your puke bucket back on the bed. Life ain't like the movies. Maybe it's better.

    I may feel goofy later for putting this up but I wanted to say how great some of the people who love us can be. It'll be an odd thing but I think I will remember for a long time her putting that red Ace hardware plastic bucket on the bed for me. She doesn't care about anything but me being well, because she loves me. Isn't that wonderful?

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    Sure is.

    Make sure you tell her, and show her.

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    You are a lucky man!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    You are a lucky man!


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    a lucky man indeed. I hope you tell her, though I get the feeling you do.

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