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Thread: Manual wheelchair in shower?

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    Question Manual wheelchair in shower?

    What would happen if I were to use a rigid frame manual with a solid seat pan in the shower? Are there components I'm not thinking of that couldn't handle it, when they can handle pouring rain? I don't need a chair that goes over the loo, and it'd only be occasional use, but this would make my life so much easier...

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    This is how I clean my chair. Been doing this for 10 years, 7 with one chair, and it is none the worse for wear. Bearings are probably not in great shape but still roll freely. Steel axles will corrode and stick in the camber tubes, which are also generally steel. That's the only part I dry well and apply some lithium grease to afterwards.

    eta: all my fasteners are aluminum or titanium (so are the fork stems). I might worry leaving any steel bits wet and sitting.
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    I did it 3/4 times when I was on holiday without my shower chair and no possibility of transferring in the shower.
    I think it's a nice and easy solution. You can leave your chair "as is", just wrap you cushion in a trash bag, and another trash bag above the back seat. But take care of the front bearings (in your casters and in your forks) because they are very low and they have to take a shower with you ! Hot water can dissolve grease easily, on my chair I had to change the fork's bearings on one side after these holidays, they were totally rusted and out of order. A good solution is to protect them in the shower. You can wrap them in a plastic bag too. A friend of mine uses 2 bottoms of plastic bottles cutted in half and with another cut on their side : he can slip them on each fork. Easy and inexpensive solution, it works perfectly.
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    I have showered in my chair a few times on vacation I think if you lubed and cleaned all axles and bearings immediately after coming home you may be able to avoid some of the bearing issues mentioned above.. I used a different waterproof cushion but never thought of plastic bag idea . Might work in a pinch thanks robotnik

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    My husband has showered a few times in his chair. He has a solid ADI seat pan and uses it with a Stimulite cushion without the cover. For the back he has an ADI seat back that I take off and he uses a Stimulite lumbar support. It's not ideal, but it works, along with extra lube like the others have said. See
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