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Thread: Clothing sizes for chair users

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    Clothing sizes for chair users

    My son's body doesn't fit standard shirt sizes(16 1/2 inch neck, small body). I wondered if anyone has tried the online shirt makers. If so, did you add inches to any of the measurements to make the shirt more comfortable for sitting in the chair? My son C6/7 uses a powerchair, but I wondered about increasing the neck, shoulder, or chest measurements. I don't know if it is allowed here, but website recommendations would be appreciated, if possible. I am aware of the marvelous adaptive clothing websites, but they seem rather expensive. If this works out, a suit probably will come next, unless I find that I can have a ready-made suit tailored to fit him. Thanks for any insight .


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    I just ordered my first clothing from IZ Adaptive. I ordered sweat pants because I figured I'd start with something less tailored (and less expensive). They're very nicely made. You might check out their dress shirts and suits. I know you mentioned that adaptive clothing is expensive, but suits are pretty much expensive, period.

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    Thanks Katja. I'll look into them.

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    I just saw your post and thought I would add to it. My son, c6/7, has pretty much stayed with his normal type clothing. He does, however, get his jeans 1-2 inches larger in waist and 2 inches longer in length. The Men's Warehouse has beautiful dress shirts and offer them in slim, athletic, or regular. He just recently bought a beautiful navy blue blazer at Men's Warehouse and they were very helpful. We were ready to have it fitted, but in the end, it fit perfect right off the rack. His dress slacks are really nice wool gabardine from Lands End. I hope this helps!

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