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Thread: Liver function test looks really bad - what should I do, I'm kind of freaking out?

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    Liver function test looks really bad - what should I do, I'm kind of freaking out?

    I just did a liver function test yesterday and my ALT and AST is way beyond the recommended range. I just started taking dantrolene over a month ago and my doctor told me to stop taking it immediately and do another liver function test in two weeks.

    But I'm really concerned on how high the levels are, has anyone else have elevated levels this high before?

    ALT(GPT)783 U/L0-40 U/L
    AST(GOT)408 U/L0-37 U/L

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    Dantrolene #1 side effect listed is hepatotoxicity= chemical driven liver damage

    how long have you been on the medication?

    are you having any symptoms?


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    for little over a month now. I don't have any symptoms and my doctor asked if I was looking yellow or if my eyes look yellow, which neither is the case.

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    Wow well good thing you are off the medication now

    you should have your levels rechecked in a month to insure they return toward normal limits

    dont drink alcohol or take excessive Tylenol in the next month either


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    I have another LFT in two weeks so hopefully the levels are back to normal. Thanks again for the advice PBR

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