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Thread: Freedom Leg bag

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    Freedom Leg bag

    Does anyone use Bard freedom leg bags? They have been discontinued by the manufacturer. I am looking for a compareable replacement. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. And what they replaced it with.

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    Check out this similar Hollister bag kit.


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    Bard Freedom Leg bags were the best for me... I am using Hollister bag kit now.
    Hollister bag has tendency to start to leak after some time... and you need to buy new ones

    Always is question why they are discontinuing good product... possibly too good and its not
    making enough money as people (talking about me here) could re-use it many times after Microwave sterilization.

    (Trick with urinary bag even intermittent catheters is to rinse them out with water
    and put them 12 seconds in Microwave - re-use them again);

    If someone find stock of Bard Freedom Leg bags (1000 ml) - please, let me know, I am buying them.
    Also - here is question - does reusable external condom catheter (for use with leg bag) even exist?
    and - what is the best place for urinary supplies ?

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    that sucks i use bard latex dispoza bag is that the same as the freedom im gonna have to stock up if i still can mine looks like this

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