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    What vans are people turning to now that the E series Ford is gone?

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    If you are open to the idea of a minivan with a power chair, I know some local individuals who prefer Toyota Sienna conversions for because of the higher head space which they need due to the higher seat to floor height.

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    I found the MV-1 as a pretty good vehicle. Lots of headroom and interior space. and you can find some 2014's brand-new On eBay in the low 30s. I think the vehicle is like a crossover between the full-size van and an SUV or minivan. The biggest advantage I found is there's no conversion which usually where you get most of your problems. These vehicles are built simply to make them last along time. They have a ford drivetrain and the vehicle is made by a.m.general. Definitely worth a serious look.

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    I just transitioned to full size last year, wish I had done it 10 yrs ago. mini vans are to small for our needs, we haul my HC and wifes bike ect. and the ramp was a pain in the ass under ideal circumstances. rep
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    I agree with Kristopher here. I've owned several Ford full size vans (Ricon, Braun) and loved them, although finding parking and traveling inside cities were a pain. Just too big. On a long trip they really rode like a truck instead of a car. Bought a Honda Odyssey a few years ago with a VMI conversion. Conversion was nice. The Honda sucked and was very difficult to drive. Traded it for a Toyota Sienna and this thing is the shit (good). Drives like a car, easy steering, can park anywhere, roomy. I love it. If you don't need to carry a bunch of stuff around like John, I'd highly recommend a Toyota Sienna.

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    Check out a Sprinter. There's one for sale here:

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    Ford still makes a full size van, the Transit. Only drawback is if you are wanting to drive. Ford put the battery under the driver seat, so that creates a problem with removing the seat. Chevy Express and Nissan NV are also available.
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    We did look at the transit with a lift, but for side entry it would not fit in our garage because of the full raised roof. It is a nice ride--if you don't have to deal with clearing snow.
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