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Thread: Question about methylprednisolone

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    Question about methylprednisolone

    Good morning (7:47 EST)

    I've had pain flare ups accompanied by weakness in legs recently and based on experience from about 3 years ago when I ended up in hospital for an epidural treatment I went to pain management doctor for a check up. MRI shows progressive disc degeneration in lower lumbar. My SCI is in cervical spine but muscle atrophy on left side has bent the lower spine - so - problems.

    I'm interested in feedback regarding methylprednisolone pack - the 3 day regimen. I just took 2 pills before breakfast - slated to take 1 at midday and then 2 more at bed time. Then lower doses on 2 consecutive days.

    What can I expect? Reading up on this, it looks to be some potent stuff.


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    I didn't feel any change for about two days, then I felt great, well then it wore off. Be careful, you can really hurt yourself if you not aware that it's masking the problem. I just want to say I've only been taken it once, I'm sure someone will chime in with more experience.

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    Thanks for feedback.
    I made an error - it's actually a 6 day regimen.
    After just one day of taking a total of 6 pills - I'm feeling less pain, a little bit of stomach cramps and an overall warming sensation that I previously experienced with gabapentin. The number ratchets down progressively now to 1 pill on the 6th day.
    I'm watching for increased appetite and aggressive impulses.

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    Mine was the same. I felt better than I had for years, wish it would have been my new reality.
    I remember I did a second shorter one for foot pain, it worked and the pain didn't come back.
    Good luck I hope it does the trick.

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