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Thread: Hospital Room for rental?

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    Hospital Room for rental?

    Sometimes when thinking of travel as a two wheeler family, I would just like to check into a rehab hospital room with power beds, large bathroom, etc. Such a bummer to have to spend time scoping out motel rooms, phone calls, measurements, visits to rooms before checking in, lowering too high beds, etc.
    It just seems the motel industry has only half-heartedly accommodated wheeler customers.
    My last travel involved the incredibly high beds with broken promises to adjust them. Letter to management resulted in free room for next visit. Duh......No thanks.
    Just wondering if any travelers feel things have improved.

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    No not really I have found the same to be true. Here in Las Vegas we have more hotel rooms per square foot than any other place in the world. We often get comps to stay for free and I find most rooms just O.K. The biggest problem for me is bed height, they renovate rooms and the trend now is to put in European beds which are 6" to 10" higher than my wheelchair seat. As I understand it there is no mention of bed height requirements in the ADA.

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    At this late date in my life it's time for the young activists to address this. Agree, I don't think ADA anticipated the high bed trend.

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