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Thread: Going to Denver

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    Going to Denver

    I am a quadriplegic in a wheelchair and will be going to the Denver area in May and spending a couple nights I am looking for a hotel that would have a barrier free lift or hoyer lift to get out of my chair at night and back in during the day with assistance from my wife.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or have been to Denver.

    Thank you

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    I don't know of any hotels which provide a lift, other than a few ceiling track lift equipped rooms in a few hotels in Las Vegas. Most likely you will either need to rent a lift from a local DME, or bring your own. Of course you also need to check with the hotel to be sure that the bed in your "accessible" room is NOT a platform bed, as you cannot use a mobile floor-based lift with a platform bed.


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    You may want to try Craig Hospital Family Living. No idea if they would make reservations for non-patients but worth a shot.

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