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Thread: Can someone point me to a blog/info of Paras who Fly frequently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HACKNSACK44 View Post
    I'm flying for the first time Sunday. I'm a c3c4 quad who will need full assistance with transferring. Anything special I need to do? I'm excited and can't wait.
    You will be traveling with someone else I assume? Many of the people who are hired to do this through the airport or airline are NOT trained. They will try to lift you by your arms, for example. I have seen many people dropped, fall out of the aisle chair, or get bumped and skin torn by being lifted over a non-swing away armrest, or even break a bone by getting a leg caught when being rolled down the aisle. You need to take charge of how you are lifted from your wheelchair to the aisle chair, securely strapped into the aisle chair, and then lifted from the aisle chair to your seat. You will need to do the reverse upon arrival. You also will need to inform the airline gate attendant that you will require lifters (at least 2) upon boarding, and notify the cabin attendant that you will require this upon landing (at least 30 minutes before landing).

    You will also need to prepare your chair for gate checking (assuming it is a power chair, remove the controls if possible, put the chair in free-wheel, and take your controls, cushion and any backpack as carry-ons). Before arrival, tell the cabin attendant that you have a power wheelchair that has been gate checked, that you need brought up to the jetway. As soon as you get into the chair, turn it on and put it through all its functions to be sure that it was not damaged. If damage is discovered, file a claim with the airline's compliance officer immediately (before you leave the airport).

    When traveling with my mother (high quad due to MS), I took two gait belts. We put one around her waist, and the other around both thighs together. I assigned the "lifters" to stand on either side of her and grasp and lift with the thigh belt, while I took hold of the waist belt from behind the chair/seat, and transferred sideways (have the two chairs parallel, not at a 90 degree angle). I also had the person who was lifting from the "to" side move her cushion over at the same time.


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