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Thread: What is the "most comfortable" rental vehicle w/hand controls you have got recently?

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    What is the "most comfortable" rental vehicle w/hand controls you have got recently?

    I am a t-10 para in decent shape. I have to take a near cross country trip in a few months with my fiance and I am considering my travel options. I will either drive, fly or take a train. I will probably make some posts with some questions about each method in the coming days, after doing some research here. I will need a rental vehicle regardless at my destination, so my first thought is to drive as I have made this trip before in a car. Also, i am guessing that is the cheapest option. Anyway, I am curious what vehicles people have rented in which they can have hand controls added. I have rented a car many times in the past few years. I am usually given a Chevy Impala or Malibu which is fine for shorter trips but I would like something nicer with more comfortable seats for this trip. I have asked for a minivan in the past, but was told they can no longer install hand controls in them due to side curtain air bags. I was thinking an Escalade or Caddy of some sort as I hear the seats are near Lazy-Boy comfort. Anyway, can I get some reviews of comfy rentals and the company rented from. Thank You.
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    I got my only pressure wound in 19yrs not long after some heroic driving from the Fla panhandle to NNJ that involved some very long sits in a very comfortable (MB560SEL) seat without a cushion.
    I'd be very circumspect today on a long drive!

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    Wow...No replies still. I guess there are not many of us here who rent cars much. . Thanks for your concern pfcs49. I am almost 11 years post now and have yet to get my first pressure sore, luckily! I have made this trip a couple of times, as well as some other pretty long ones. I usually do a lot of pressure releases while driving by lifting my butt off the seat using my forearms on the middle console and drivers side arm rest. I try to do it for 60 seconds every hour or so. I wouldn't say any of my trips were "heroic". I also usually split the trip up into 2 days and spend the night in a cheap hotel.
    Anyway, If someone can even recommend a rental agency that even rents minivans with the option of hand controls, that would be great. I was able to get them in the past but it seems that they are no longer available due to side airbags being a danger combined with hand controls. I am not looking to rent from a " handicap van specialist", as the point of renting a car for the trip apposed to flying is to save money. Not to mention I will need a rental for the week I spend up North regardless.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I rented a Mazda 3. Very nice and not that hard to get the chair in. Also a Dodge Dart. I was amazed how well it was. Both came from Enterprise. I would never rent a Toyota Carolla again. Worst thing since a 60's era VW bus.
    Another problem is most Florida rental out fits won't let you take cars out of state. Only Budget.
    I also use/make my own temporary hand controls. They let you drive whatever you want.
    I'm in central florida. PM me you could come by if not too far away and look at/try some of what I use.
    Also depends on what type of trip. It you just want to get there, fly. If you want to see stuff along the way drive 2 lane. Amazing how cool this country is off the freeway. I spent 20 years wandering around in a motorhome. Never drove the freeway except to get through big cities.

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    Like you, I've mostly gotten Impalas when I've rented. I got some sort of Toyota sedan once that was quite comfortable (both for sitting and driving). Last summer I requested something larger from Hertz and got a Tahoe - what a monster! Really hard to get up into and really hard to drive - the hand controls were installed very poorly. That trip (from Colorado to California) was no fun at all.

    If I had to do it again, I'd make sure that the mechanics were on site when I picked up the car, and I'd not be in a hurry to get away. If whatever they put together for you doesn't work, ask for something else.

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