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    New symptoms

    I've been bombarding this thread with questions lol. So for the past little while I developed something strange I been getting continuous contractions on my left side when sitting. They are very strong, enough to lift my body with a single contraction. With slight AD right now, (not with every contraction) always left hip/glute could this indicate a fracture. When I lay on my back my left leg has always kicked up to the same position as if I was sitting. Lately I've been using strong braces to prevent it from doing that, they fight against it. Anyways even when I'm getting stretched on my back I seem to be getting hot flashes, like I feel my body temperature has increased dramatically and I feel like I'm's not associated with AD always , And it's happening right now along with the left hit continuous spasms a.k.a. contractions. this is new my left hip has lowered bone density, And I don't know if this is just a response to me wearing the braces all night something that actually seems to help my spasms at times. But it's infuriating and drugs don't seem to help with these kind of spasms! Since my injury my left side has always had stronger and more frequent spasms, I also have more function on my left arm just to be noted

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    Yes, both AD and suddenly increased spasticity (although not necessarily in just the effected limb) can be signs of a fracture. I am also concerned about your description of this "brace" you are trying to fight your spasms with, as it can actually cause more spasm and even result in a fracture itself. You should probably call your provider, and ask about some Xrays if you are concerned that you may have a fracture. There is really no other way to successfully diagnose that condition.


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    So a fracture could show no physical symptoms like bruises, swelling etc? I need these braces to sleep, at least keep me in a somewhat reasonably straight, healthy, comfortable position. They do flex with the spasms a little

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    No, fractures don't always result in swelling or bruising. This makes them harder to diagnose in people with SCI, but because of the osteoporosis that most have, they can occur with relatively low force.


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    Frig, I don't even understand how this is realistic to live like this. I don't know if you seen the thread I made about osteoporosis but I'm looking for ways to reverse it and continue to build bone mass in my young age. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated

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