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    Quote from your post:
    I also think a part of it had to do with the fact that they were under a lot of pressure to rehabilitate the kids from Berkley balcony collapse incident because of the publicity that went along with it, they were all over the news and I dunno maybe they just didn't have time or patience to deal with my husband and his attitude at the time.
    Just a comment that it may help the situation to focus on more positive opinions. I'm sorry that you feel that the staff would do something like this. When I had hospital PT and OT for a major setback with pneumonia, I too was set at a table to crank a stationary bike for about 40 minutes each day, then progressed to a device to do "dips" (called a rickshaw). Both of these significantly improved my breathing and strength.
    Do you know how to get him going on Out-Patient Therapy?

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    Is his depression being treated now? This is very important.

    Yes, you will need to keep on top of things about his wheelchair. Call the provider to ask what is going on and continue to check in every few weeks. It is very common for wheelchair orders to take months, to get messed up or never get submitted, and it is important to monitor how things are going.

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    mehimandsci; Keep writing someone may eventually see your problem in print and be in a position to help you. I think most of us understand depression, despair, and anger, but to dwell on these things is wasted effort, it takes too much energy. This energy is better put to use somewhere else. They also exacerbates his attitude towards others issues. But this is all easier to say than actually do.

    Perhaps a "shrink" is in order, I think the accident, the pressures of his mental situation in his current place in life, young child, wife as his only physical support, and likely just his desire to be what society demands, he be the father and family support. And he sees this is not at all possible in his current situation. Major league frustration with it all !!!!!

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    Welcome to the real world. You do need a notebook and several folders. Get a new prescription. Call the people who wrote the first one. Get a copy for yourselves! Write the date, number if any, prescribing doctor and who it was sent to, get a name besides the company's and their phone number, and write those in the notebook. Put your copy of the prescription in your "script folder". Then call the company making the chair every week. Write down the date, time, who you talked to and where in the process the chair is. Any problems call the prescriber and your MediCal contact. Yes, any DME (durable medical equipment) you will have to jump through hoops for. Sounds like you are actually very lucky if he is beginning to work with a walker. At C-5 he could be toally dependent on you for the rest of your lives.

    Do call the CIL and write down all the questions you have before calling. Can any family baby sit ? It sounds like your husband can be left alone as he can transfer and has bladder and bowel control. But it sounds like you will be the bread winner for awhile. Your husband should be calling and researching paratransit, any near by area that will put you on the section 8 housing waiting list and cutting grocery coupons is great therapy. If he needs special scissors or cooking utensils look at JC Penny or Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target for OXO Good Grips brand things. A OT can order them but you'll pay a fortune for them while at regular stores they are pretty cheap. He should start learning to at least prep things for dinner as it is good OT therapy and you'll be working. Good luck.
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