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Thread: Alpine HC: Care Equipment and Furniture

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    Alpine HC: Care Equipment and Furniture

    Hello CareCure Community! We're delighted to be part of the Manufacturers and Vendors Forum. At Alpine HC, we provide healthcare equipment to professional and domestic care environments. Check out our website:

    We supply a huge range of mobility aids, furniture, etc., and manufacture care equipment under three of our own brands:
    Opera Profiling Care Beds -
    Reposa Pressure Care Mattresses and Cushions -
    Mouva Patient Handling Slings -

    Alpine HC is based in the UK.
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    Hello Alpine! Do you sell to the US? I am in need of a pressure relief mattress and the one I want is made in the UK. Do you ship and sell to patients in the USA?

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    Hello Crazy8,

    Yes, of course. What was the pressure relief mattress that you needed?

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    I am looking to replace a Pegasus Renaissance Mattress System. (3 Cell Alternating) I understand the newer version of such a mattress is the NoDec3 by Rober Limited. Are you familiar with either of these systems?

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    I'm afraid we don't supply these systems. Our full range of alternating pressure mattresses can be found here... All the mattresses you see here can be shipped to the USA on request.

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    Thanks Jed. Are any of your mattresses 3 cell, or are they all 2 cell alternating?

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    No problem. They are all 2 cell alternating.

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    Thank you for your time Jed. I am going to keep searching, but I truly appreciate your quick responses. Have a great day!

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    For the interest of the CareCure community, we have now launched a new range of stylish riser recliner chairs. The UK currently lacks a choice of contemporary style riser recliners, something we have addressed with our new range of chairs. Please view them here: We would be glad of your thoughts/feedback.

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