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Thread: Bowel care ad

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    Bowel care ad

    Was looking through here one time and thought I saw a well written want-ad or classified about hiring someone for doing bowel care. I can't seem to find anything now. Would someone please point me in the right direction or offer a suggestion? Thank you

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    Maybe this thread can help:

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    Thank you gjnl. I looked through the thread and didn't really find anything that talks about the specifics of the bowel care. My thinking is that when I run an ad and just include "bowel care" as a duty or part of the job description it's too vague and someone without experience or knowledge of what that means will stop reading and look elsewhere once "bowel care" is mentioned. I'm looking for a succinct even clinical description of the task to eliminate any mystery or imaginative thoughts about what that would entail. i'm open to suggestions or examples, anyone?

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    In my experience, you get more responses to your ad if the duties are listed in a general sense and then discussed in detail during the interview process. Very likely, you prefer your bowel care to be done differently than I do or the next person doers or how a personal care assistant has done it with other people for whom he/she has worked. I prefer to discuss specifics one on one with caregiver candidates rather than taking space in the ad.

    You might be able to put something together (a definition) with the help of these resources that are specific to what you expect from a caregiver doing bowel care for you:

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    Hello I think perhaps bathroom and or toiletry needs that's what I've used in the past.

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    If their only task is going to be bowel care then you might as well get it out in the open and be more specific about the task.

    This is going to be one task amongst many then I would keep it more general, perhaps a "assistance with toileting", and see who comes for the interviews. Upon interviewing if you have a good candidate in all other respects, but does not have the bowel routine experience that you require, then you need to inquire of said candidate whether they would be willing to learn how to do it.

    If they say no then the selection process is over. If they say yes then you need to take the next step and begin the instruction and what I call the "desensitization" phase of training. Bowel care, in my experience, takes a long time to get right. In my experience, it can require up to 10 supervised sessions.

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