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Thread: Missing members?

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    I will, although it may be Canada only. I lived with a blind lady and a stroke victim for 3 weeks with a film crew. Like Big Brother without the drama!

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    I must have missed the "shutdown", not even sure what that means? But when the website changed a few years ago, navigated it was terrible. Seems it is better/ fixed now.
    I think the biggest reason is that while there is lots of good info on the net, a person has to really weed through stuff anymore because all the trolls and misinformation. I frequent some other car sites and seems anymore, a person starts a thread and if it goes beyond half a dozen responses, it turn to poop, people make comments based on the last couple replies without reading through the whole thing and there are so many people with the simple intentions of nothing other than pissing people off. they also get flooded with the same topic over and over and over and over.........

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    Not enough posts by Dr. Wise

    Plus this site seems to have ramped up in the mean time.

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    I just checked in after a year away. DIdn't even realize it had been that long. CC is a useful site, I check back when I have questions. I don't use it for social sites anymore or suggest people come here because there was so much negativity going on for years. Then there was the whole transition to the new design which was a mess.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    what is dr wise up to? i haven't been around,i would attend any talk he did in metro ny area.tell "chickKi say hello and would liketo get intouch to sat hello directly. Liz from LI mentioned there was a large albatrose that cause many of the woman to form their own face book page, for once i wasnt involved and found out about it months latter.i would like to get in contact withher, incase she does any more theatre production in NYC, i saw one she did years ago,liz helped me out with doctom recommends a couple years ago. i miss betheny too, alot of the ladies i was friendly with, trying to remember the woman who was going to school in canada, she used to race wc, a couple of upper ny people too, i was fortuante i met a bunch ofthe group at the wash dc walking 2 work , when dana reeve was still alive, i alsomet others at a ny sci weekend that was held at the watrer gardeb area of nyc in the marriot hotel. I would like toget a nyc meeetup froup together tojust say high. please pass onthat metronyc guy wants to reconnect with the old crew,via telephone , as i cant type a conversation.
    thanksforany help
    cauda equina

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    hi there addissue and lynnifer, i drop in every couple months, i miss the old crew of peeps we used to have , maybe i will have to cross dress and check out the womens facebook group.
    cauda equina

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    I got injured again in September 2014 when some unfortunate websiteupheaval was happening ,and was gone for a while. I am so sad to hear about thehipcrip, But I think Wise is working really hard in China, and that good newsis afoot:

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    I am not sure if it was announced anywhere else but recently, this past week, Anty (Antoinette Bruno) passed away, it was so very sad to hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 Fine Spine RN View Post
    I am not sure if it was announced anywhere else but recently, this past week, Anty (Antoinette Bruno) passed away, it was so very sad to hear.
    There was a thread posted:

    But, thanks for thinking to post that sad announcement here too.

    All the best,

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    I took a break for a while and must've checked in during the reboot I guess, because it wasn't that easy to navigate. Then other things took over my carecure time. I got a bday email from carecure the other day and decided to check in. I figured I'd post here in an effort to keep this thread going. Maybe someone else will check in.

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