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    heel ulcer

    I developed a sore on my heel =/ Last month I had it checked since the skin seemed so dry around the area, and a blood blister started to peeled off. Well, last week I nicked my heel on my chair before the shower and BOOM! Hole city now. I've kept pressure off, covered with gauze and will see my wound care nurse tomorrow morning. (BTW, am I the only one who has a hell'va time getting in? They are always so booked!) What I was wondering is the skin around my entire left heel seems puffier than my right. It also bled this morning, is that normal for a ulcer? I'm worried because it looks so gnarly but there is no foul odor, no fever etc... I wear a kfao & have been more active in PT the last year, which I'm guessing made it rub too much against the skin. I will also be taking that in to get readjusted.

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    Impossible to say without seeing it, but you could have an infected wound. You should ask to have some blood work done (white count, CRP, sed rate, and pre-albumin) when you go to the wound clinic. It is very easy for a pressure ulcer to go into the bone, and end up with osteomyelitis with heel ulcers, and you might not have an infection or feel ill in spite of this. Until you can get it seen, avoid wearing any shoe or KAFO or other brace, and keep the foot elevated and the open wound covered and moist.


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    I have had shoes off this whole week and definitely have avoided the braces. So it can go into the bone without visibly seeing the bone through the sore? Ill post a picture, I took one this morning

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    Is there a trick to posting a picture? lol

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    I think I did it. =)
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