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Thread: FES Bike

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    FES Bike

    If you were a C5-6 quad, and 18 years post injury - what is the best FES Bike you guys would recommend?
    Looking to prevent anymore muscle atrophy, and perhaps build a little muscle?
    Thanks team

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    I would suggest the RT300-SLSA, simply because this FES incorporates both the legs and arms in the workout, as well as the trunk if needed. The RT200 is also a great machine, but some people find they'd rather do a workout right from their own wheelchair or powerchair, rather than having to do a transfer. Posted below is a link for their website:

    Another suggestion would be the MOTOmed Viva2:

    Depending upon your preference, both the RT300 and MOTOmed machines work well. You have the options to do it in passive mode, motor-assisted mode, both of which you can do it right from your chair.

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    It took me half a lifetime to save up enough money to purchase my FES bike. I was 38 years post injury when I started exercising. In the 3 1/2 years I have been peddling the circumference of my right leg has grown from 15 inches to 18 inches and I once again have butt cheeks!

    I have the RT300-SLSA. However, shortly after I purchased it the company came out with a supine model. I wish I had known about it. I would much rather exercise from the bed. Not only would it save time but you could still exercise during those times you're stuck in bed. If I remember correctly MotoMED also has the supine option.
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    Thank you very much Pushtowalk and QuadmanJr. I will research these right now, sorry for my delay.

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    Thanks Pushman and Quadjunior. I got my RT300 SLSA earlier this month. It's going to take some time to wake up these dormant muscles of mine but I have made a start, and plan to use it 5 days a week. Cheers. John

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    Quote Originally Posted by John not Jack View Post
    I got my RT300 SLSA earlier this month. It's going to take some time to wake up these dormant muscles of mine but I have made a start, and plan to use it 5 days a week. Cheers. John
    A regular exercise routine is a lifesaver. I received your e-mail but was not able to reply due to ISP problems. Therefore I am taking the liberty to reply here.

    My muscles are very, very weak though. Only staying active for a minute before they go to sleep. How long did it take your muscles to actually start doing the bulk of the peddling? Any info will be appreciated.
    In the four years I have been peddling, and based upon the RT300's display, my muscles have never done the bulk of the work. I would estimate that I only average about 1 to 5 minutes under the full power of my leg muscles, at least according to the machine's definition. I start out under full and then it is on and off. Today for example, I was dehydrated and the little gear icon never turned off (you achieve best results when hydrated). My resistance is set at 0.5 in my power output ranges from 0 to 4.5 W, but again this is on and off and spends most of the time between 0 and 1.5.

    When it comes to FES exercise as long as I can see my legs responding to the stimulation, muscle flexing, I know the machine is doing its job and I am happy.

    You mentioned you will be exercising five days a week. I assume we will be alternating between legs and arms? For anyone new to muscle building or extreme exercise (FES, plugging yourself into the wall outlet is about as extreme as you can get!), your muscles need a day of rest to recover after a hard workout.

    On average, I exercise 3 times a week (every other day). Doing so gives me the cardiovascular workout that I need to remain healthy and free of the common cold and flu bugs. And of course it keeps by skin healthy, plus the increased muscle mass allows me to sit longer in my chair.

    It was only recently that I change the settings from what the technician originally set me up with. I have been measuring my thighs and calf muscles since my first day on the bike. My right leg muscles are growing faster than my left leg so I have been boosting the power settings on the left.

    If you are serious about monitoring your performance. The company's web site offers charts showing your exercise history. I wish I had checked it out earlier, it is very informative. As for comparing your performance to other users keep in mind that every SCI is unique. Reading the forum, I am often amazed if not jealous of the results that some of the FES bike users are achieving.

    Keep pedaling.
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    I've got an RT300 legs, had it since February and have done about 230 rides, over 5 per week average. I tend to watch power output and have seen it go to over 8w but for whatever reason the last 2 months have dropped to me maintaining a steady 7.3 on a 75 minute ride. I alter resistance and RPM to increase the output, got up to 2.12/38 RPM at its best, I'm now using lower resistance and more RPM, no motor support. I do use settings that mean I hit 100% stim at maybe 1/2 ride time and let the bike decrease resistance according to stim used. I'm only 3 1/2 years ago post and was an active cyclist pre accident which was on a bike. Doctors told me if I hadn't been so fit I'd of died, shit why did I train.

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    I should of mentioned that I use rtilink with a clinician log in, can monitor every ride, create my own therapies and don't have to try and do it all on the screen. It is worth having.

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    Another option that people should be aware of is the MyoCycle ( It currently only does 6 channels of stim on the legs, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY more affordable than anything else out there. It is also really easy to use so you can get a great workout every time.

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    Alan, your website says that no other bike is isokinetic yet rt300 adjusts resistance and has a fixed rpm with motor support, how is your bike different to this? Is the bike configurable via a network/computer? Can ride data be dowloaded for analysis? Do you have a zwift interface? As a high quad with no hand/arm movement so Cannot configure the rt300 that I rent I have to do it remotely via my computer. Would really like that Zwift interface so I can ride a with my friends

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