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    Incomplete SCI

    my daughter suffered an incomplete SCI- C1 down following surgery on her neck, she was quadraplegic for 3 days, she now has regained all movement including walking with assistance, she is 8, my question is do you think she will walk independently again as she is very weak trunk, bum and hips

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    When did this occur? What does her SCI physician say? Is she continuing to improve? Is she getting therapy or rehab?


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    It occured September 2014 and her c1 c2 was still unstable, this was corrected with surgery and rods in January 2016. she is continuing to improve every day, she can crawl walk with assistance of one but her trunk hips and core are unstable, she has a new walker which she is learning to walk in, she has full bladder and bowel control and feeling everywhere, she's very wobbly and i want to help her to walk independently , looking for advice on what exercises i should be doing with her, we do swimming and light walking on treadmill but she cannot walk independently yet, she can sit to stand and balance for 15 seconds but will be thrown off balance if she moves, any advice would be appreciated

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    Did she go to an intensive inpatient pediatric SCI rehabilitation program initially? Does she have insurance sufficient to get outpatient therapy at such a center? Is there funding sufficient for her to attend a post-acute intensive exercise program? Have you explored the Shriner's Hospitals SCI Centers for an evaluation? Any of these programs can also help to set up a home program for continued exercise and rehabilitation.

    Generally the "rule" is that most return occurs in the first 24 months, but in children especially, this period of time can be extended.


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