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Thread: Vicair Vector x ?

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    I just measured, and the foam insert under my 16W cushion is only 14.5", so I would guess that a 17W would technically be doable. Statically, the cushion is a tad over 16" at its widest, but since the pockets are rounded the top surface is only about 15" wide. I don't see this as an issue, because my butt doesn't extend beyond that (if yours does, then I don't think a 16W chair is the correct fit). Keep in mind that the cushion is a bit squishable. By that, I mean that when you sit on it, it bulges outward and the top edges that were rounded fill in more as the cells are being pushed outward by your weight. The less full the pockets are, the more the effect. The VectorX is sewn to limit this, but it still does it. Thus my 16W spreads out at the middle height area to be wider than 16". My armrests physically limit this spreading, but if you don't have armrests, the spreading would probably be a bit more. If you do have armrests, then a 17W cushion will be squeezed in more than it was intended. That would probably be OK, as my cushion seems to have about an inch of "give" when I push in from the sides. I'm not sure an 18W would work, especially since the foam insert would be wider than 16". Squeezing the cushion this way will definitely have an effect on how you distribute the cells. I'm really not sure I see an advantage to doing this. But, I keep my outer pockets VERY full. It could be different with a less full cushion.
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    My chair is 17x16; my Adjuster is 18x16; I have side guards, and I had to tape cardboard inside the side guards by the back posts to keep the cushion bulge from rubbing the tires.
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    Your suggestions to use 2 cushion probably makes the most sense. Thanks.
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    Bought The Vector X from Spinlife yesterday. Hope I have it so when insurance company has me pressure mapped I can compare with the new Roho Quad they are forcing me to take. Have a Supracor Contour XS that is about 1 1/2 years old I can also try. d

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