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Thread: Vicair Vector x ?

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    Vicair Vector x ?

    What do you ladies and gentlemen think of the new Vicair Vector X 3.5" cushion. I need a new cushion and my primary care people are forcing RoHo down my throat. While RoHo is probably the best cushion for me - it is a high maintenance cushion the my care givers cannot maintain. I have been using a Supracor. I have read great reviews of the new Vicair cushion but would like to hear from actual users that I value the opinion of. I have babied the small sore I have for years. It is not going away so I am changing my attack mode from cure to managing. I only have a little time left. I have done right and must face the facts. Die miserable laying in bed or die the happiest I can be. I'm not being morbid, I am a realist and must face the truth.

    Donnie Wyatt

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    I love my VectorX. Unlike the Roho, there is no monitoring or maintenance, no filling it with air every week. In the event that one of the cells deflates (hasn't happened to me in 6 months of daily use), you simply have to replace it. You can buy a bag of 50 extra cells for replacements, or to overstuff pockets. And, of course, the pockets are what makes the VectorX so great. Even with the Roho Quadtro you have limited customization. With all the pockets in the VectorX, you can customize the cushion to however you want. I, too, have a small sore right near my anus. So, I over stuff the front and back sides until they provide a lot of support. Then I completely empty the pockets in the center rear. That means that the only pressure I am getting on the anus area is from the sling tension of the cover. With the Glidewear option, that area of the cover is super stretchy, so the pressure is almost nil. You can play with however much you want to fill each pocket until you get the perfect fit. Also, the cushion is super easy to rinse off or wash, in the event of a "spill". The only issue is that the cover contains a foam insert that has to be removed if you want to run the cover through a washing machine.

    Some will tell you that you need to get pressure mapped before choosing a cushion. The problem with this is that it assumes you have access to pressure mapping. Also, with a cushion like the VectorX, there are so many variations in how you fill the pockets, that it would be impossible to test them all. While I doubt it is possible, it would be great to be able to experiment with a lot of different fill options on a pressure map.

    I have had nearly all of the Jays (most recently the Deep Contour) over decades and got my sore from the Jay. Since then, I have tried Stimulite Contoured XS and Roho/Jay Hybrid cushions over many months before rejecting them for my needs. The VectorX is by far the most comfortable of all the cushions.

    There is only one issue with the VectorX that might be a problem for some, and that is transfers. It is similar to a classic Roho in that it doesn't have a foam base. That means it doesn't have the firmness of a foam cushion when you push on one point on the cushion. It isn't as bad as the Roho (where you have no support), but if you try to carry your weight on a hand depressing on the cushion during a transfer, your hand will sink a bit (depending on how full you have made that pocket). Also you have to really lift your butt up and over the corner of the cushion during a transfer. With foam cushions, you can get sloppy, and just kind of slide over the corner. You can't do that with the VectorX, as the corner will "catch" on you and kind of fold up.

    BTW - the VectorX is made by Comfort Company. They just license the Vicair tech and use their cells. Comfort Company designs and makes the "cushion", which is really just fabric and zippers sewn into the pocket configurations, and the covers. In fact, if you had the ability, you could sew up your own design of cushion pockets and fill them with the Vicair cells.
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    Thanks Kulea, this was my thinking when I considered the Vector. The sore I am fighting (for the last 5 years) will go away and come back no mater if I sit up 10 minutes or 10 hours. I got this hell hole when my J2 went flat. I had a incontinent cover on it and could not see the gel/putty material seeping out. When I purchased the Jay 2 I ordered a 16W x !8L. All my cushions have been the same size. I an 6' and weigh about 145-150. The 16" wide cushions fit like a glove. At the time I did not know that the Jay2 !6' was actually 15.5w and that about 1/4" on both sides was harder foam to keep the gel/putty contained. Long story short - I have a sore on my right side where the hard foam hit my backside. When I saw the Vector I was thinking I could isolate that area and keep pressure to a minimum. I live in a small town and most of my Drs. Know little when it comes to spinal cord injuries in general much less about quadriplegics. Roho has the best brand loyalty amongst these places not because they are the best but because they have the best marketing strategy around. Not saying they are not good I'm just saying they are marketing geniuses.
    I have tried almost all the over the counter cushions out there besides Vicair and Ride. I bought them myself. I bet I am the poorest guy on here but you have to do what you have to. Now I found I have cancer. Being a quad for almost 39 years was not bat enough now I get this. I been tell my primary care physicial I had something growing in my stomach for over 20 years and he would send me for xrays and pee tests and tell me my left side is full of kidney stones and I have a bad infection. Take these and go home. 3 months ago I had enough and asked for a second opinion. I have a tumors in my right lung, 2 in my intestines on the right side, and the one that was giving me the most trouble was in my stomach and the size of a softball. I had the one in the stomach removed 4 weeks ago. They want to do the lungs next. I refuse. I only use the top 20-25% of my lungs and the tumor is on the bottom of my right lung. I use my lungs well. I played blues harmonica until 10 years ago when the pain was so bad I gave it up. 20 years ago I started giving up everything because of the pain. Stopped using manual chair right on down to doing nothing. I never took pain pills or smoked pot. Needless to say that is going to change. I have a short lime to live so I'm going to make the most of it.

    Sorry I got of track. But Kulea, I am hoping you can give me some pointers as to how to remove or add cells to the cushion to relieve pressure from the right outside buttocks. My help here is minimal. Sorry to hear about your wound. Hope it turns out good for you. I will probably order my vector over the weekend. As usual my insurance will not pay for it.
    MEMO to Sunrise Medical - if you advertise a cushion as 16'"w make it 16 not 15" plus 1/4 hard foam on both sides and a total width of 15.5 and 15"W of goo.

    I had a Drs. appointment with the Oncologist this morning and as I was getting ready they called and said they did not accept my insurance, HUMANA (stay away from them), so they left me a list to go through. Kick 'um when their down. Donnie Wyatt

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    Kulea, I Probably will be buying my Vicair Vector x Saturday. I will accept the new ROHO QUATRO with the new air gauges and buy the Vicair Vector X myself. I have never been mapped but my case manager and physical therapist already have a preconceived notion the Roho is my salvation. Glideware worth the extra money for the cover? Already spending money I should not but would like to hear from an end user. donnie

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    I like the glidewear simply because it creates less pressure in the anus/sacrum area. It is also slightly better at keeping me from sliding forward. I don't know how it would work for you and your sore. I'm not sure you are going to be able to isolate that area. The pockets on the sides are much bigger than the ones in the middle. But, then again, it probably is the only cushion where you have a chance at this. First, the inner cover has double zippers on both the front and the back. The double zippers allow you to move the opening where you want it and keep the opening small, just at the pocket you are working on. This is the biggest hint. Keep the opening just small enough that you are only dealing with one pocket at a time. Take out the cells from that pocket, then move the opening over to the next pocket and the start stuffing. The cells are easy to handle and stuff. But, since the side pockets are so big, it will be hard to isolate one small area. It's too bad you can't sew an extra divider inside the pocket to turn it into smaller pockets. Comfort Company might be able to do this for your. Or, maybe put something like a large soft sponge inside in that spot. Since the sponge is soft, it won't try to carry any of your weight. But, it will occupy space to keep the cells from filling in that area.
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    Thanks for your detailed information Kulea. I've thought about a Vicair for my husband, but am even more interested now. He currently uses a Varilite Evolution Wave, which we are both happy with (me for maintenance), but I don't feel we can adjust it enough for hip abduction.

    About the only thing I'm concerned about with the Vicair is how easy it is to adjust. With the Varilite we can increase/decrease air pretty easily, which we do about 1-2 times per day. My husband does foot propulsion in which case we decrease the air, but we increase the air when he uses a power add-on is going on a bumpy journey. An input?

    They don't seem to do image mapping easily where we live in the Netherlands, and I'd rather we could play with it ourselves. I also like that they are only located about an hour from us. Here is their Dutch site that is also in English
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    Rollin'man I'm touched by your situation and your positive attitude. I purchased a VicAir cushion about 6 months ago. Carefully select the cover as I only saw 2 cover options at the web site (non water proof and water proof), and ordered the non water proof as I didn't want any rubberized material. Found my cover very difficult to slide on as I would transfer. Back to the web I googled around and saw there was yet another cover choice. The original one I ordered was described as having some kind of rubber additive (not sure how to describe this). I got in touch with the company to inquire why only 2 cover options listed at the ordering site; their response was 'you can order the glide cover if you wish'. It's about $60 bucks so I put that on a back burner. Still don't like the cover I got but making due.

    I am Polio paralyzed, full sensation, kind of functioning similar to a quad as I have significant scoliosis and must wear a plastic jacket corset from high chest down; paralysis of bicep and tricep on one side; hands, arms ok; weakness probably due to post-polio issues.
    When I bought the cushion I also ordered extra air bags, but only used a few while experimenting with the cushion, then ended up removing many more air cells from the cushion. Due to my scoliosis I was able to make a "pocket" toward the left rear of the cushion, as that's where most of my weight sits. (I'm about 110 lb.)
    Then on the right rear, I removed numerous cells to allow my body to sit more evenly.
    I also removed a lot of cells across the front of the cushion to make toilet transfer easier. I had felt a "lump" across the front making it difficult (along with the wrong no glide cover) to surmount. I did add a 16x16 1" piece of foam rubber to the bottom of the cushion to raise me up a bit.

    I ordered this cushion after trying a multitude of cushions over the past decades. At one point I got tired of repairing Rohos and had switched to numerous other cushions. I find that it sometimes helps to have a back up cushion to switch to periodically. Thus far I have not had to do that with my VicAir.

    I guess my suggestions would be to order as many of the zippered sections you think you may need to adjust. I think I have 8. These pouches allow me to thoroughly customize the cushion. Also weight shifts are still important - because I have sensation I still feel a burning begin and then lean forward or sideways for several seconds. I can life up slightly by placing left elbow on tire and right hand pushing up on right tire. Unable to do an actual 'push-up'.
    Finally, consider looking for that glide type of cushion cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    . . . About the only thing I'm concerned about with the Vicair is how easy it is to adjust. . .
    I love my Comfort Company's Adjuster, which has fewer pockets than their Vector X, I don't need to change their adjustments after I get them right, and I've never used an inflatable cushion. That said, the Vicair packets can easily (but not quickly) be rearranged into different pockets. The packets are exceptionally strong (won't break or leak); but, because I don't repeatedly rearrange them, my pocket zippers don't see much use; I would be concerned the pocket zippers may fail if operated frequently.

    Can you use two cushions, one for each chair? That's what I'd do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    About the only thing I'm concerned about with the Vicair is how easy it is to adjust.
    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Can you use two cushions, one for each chair? That's what I'd do.
    I agree with chasmengr. While there is an extra cost, it would be MUCH easier to have two cushions. And you could set each to be precisely what you want. I have two cushions (actually I have 5, but only 2 primary ones), and it takes no time to swap them (just the transfer, which you'd have to do anyway). Swapping the cells from one pocket to another can take several minutes and you have to be careful to not spill them. The worst is when you lose cells from multiple pockets, because then you don't know how many is in each. You then have to remove all the cells from both pockets and re-fill them using your (hopefully) written down record. Since you already have the Varilite, why don't you try using it for one of your situations. If, eventually, you find the VectorX works much better, then you can buy a second one.
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    I wrote about a 2 page reply and went to send and it disappeared. Short version - thank you all. Kulea, I usually use 16"w x18"d cushions. My sore is on the right hip/but. Do you think if I ordered a 17" w Vector ii would give more flexibility to find a suitable fit? My main 2 cushions now are 16w x 18d roho and 16w x 18d supracor contour XS. I have a 17"w x 19"d supracor contour that I use every once in a while and have no problems with it fitting in my 15yo bounderplus. There is a vender on ebay who has an 18 x 18 vicair vector for sale. Supposedly new but has not answerer email to see if it's the X series with 10 pouches. At $149 I'm thinking about buying it to experiment on. I am desperate. Will be watching all the comfort company videos and reading reviews of the new vicair series cushions up until Saturday when I decide to purchase. donnie

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