Been a c5 quad for almost 39 years. Been battling spindle cell tumors for at least 20+. That plus other problems dictate I join the cell phone world. I did my homework and decided I could get by with a LG Destiny Android 5.01. I keep my calling to the bare minimum. I switched phones with my niece who has the newest Apple with every toy imaginable. I could not tell the difference because I had not been accustomed to any cell phone. My niece on the other hand is of the cell phone generation who knows every bell and whistle and exactly what it's for. She was really surprised at how the LG Destiny took care of the basic phone duties plus a few extras. Not saying my $19 Wal-Mart phone would take the place of her ($$$ she would not tell me how much she paid for IPhone) but the LG was a pleasant surprise to my niece.
Okay, what I am in need of is a low-cost docking station that will allow me to use the voice activated dialing, answering, searching, or basically anything that would help with the hands free part of the phone. I am new to this hone stuff but it would be great if I could get full use of the phone as it was charging.
If it was a computer question I would say at 99% I am right but as a phone question I know less than 0%.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Donnie Wyatt