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Thread: Mobility advice

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    Mobility advice

    Hello all,

    I am a recent crutch user. It has been a complete change in my life and I am not sure how much more it is going to change. In few days I am starting to go for my job. I am looking for advices and suggestions from you all so that I can be ready to phase things that are going to come my way. It would be help if you all can share your experience and provide me some warnings.

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    No one has any idea of what "YOU" are going to experience, or what has placed you on crutches. We have no idea what the demands of your work are. And then every person handles those things very differently. You just have to go with the flow, do what you can of what is expected of you Human resources should explain such stuff to you. If you work for a much smaller firm who does not have some sort of human resources, then your position's supervisor should be square with you both in handling your abilities or their expectations. Just be yourself, don't try to exceed yourself, while not holding back either. You'll be OK. I worked for 40 years, with a disability, though not enough to require crutches. Keep your head up but fastened down to your shoulders. Good Luck.

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    As Bob said, we really can't provide you with much advice. We don't know where you are located, what your disability is, nor what type of job you are doing. Completing your profile and providing more information might get you better responses. Moving this also to the correct forum for advice about work.


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